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Friday, March 14, 2008


Planning Board seeks new wireless signal map

Attorney Brian Grossman (Prince, Lobel, Glovsky and Tye) stirred interest in improved mapping of wireless communications signal strength throughout town when he spoke at the Planning Board’s meeting on March 10. Representing Omnipoint Communications, Inc. in the public hearing for a special permit to construct a wireless facility at the First Religious Society (FRS) at 27 School Street, he remarked that the “drive-by” data used as input to wireless coverage models were obtained before Omnipoint’s antenna on the Anderegg property off Bedford Road became operational.

Associate member David Freedman suggested that if the special permit is granted, the board impose a condition to require updated coverage data be supplied to the town after the FRS facility is operating. He said that the intent would be to give the board a clearer understanding of any subsequent gaps in coverage within the town.

Aside from that, Grossman had little new information about the Omnipoint project to contribute. The plan has the main antennas located inside the church steeple about 60 feet above ground, while small GPS antennas would be outside, low and in back of the steeple near the church roofline.

Hoping to expedite the board’s decision on the application, Chair Michael Epstein urged Grossman to address five items as promptly as possible: (1) completion of revised drawings; (2) Historical Commission review of the revised drawings; (3) establishment of location of the GPS antennas in concert with the Historical Commission’s review; (4) clarification of the proposed location of the Omnipoint wireless antennas within the steeple; and (5) coordination of review of the revised drawings by the Building Inspector. The board has suggested that the applicant give consideration to selecting a site higher up in the steeple in order to enhance performance of the proposed facility. The hearing will be continued on April 14. ∆

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