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Friday, March 14, 2008


Carlisle School contract talks may affect teacher layoffs

The Carlisle Teachers’ Association (CTA) is in discussion with the Carlisle School Association regarding reducing faculty compensation for FY09 to alleviate layoffs. CTA President Michael Miller confirmed the negotiations, saying in an e-mail, “I think it is best for both CTA and CSC [the Carlisle School Committee] to issue a joint statement. An agreement is not quite done yet.”

Though the Carlisle School Committee has been holding executive session meetings for “contractual negotiations,” CSC Chair Nicole Burkel, when asked if these meetings were to discuss reductions in faculty compensation, replied “no comment.”

CSC member Michael Fitzgerald also refused to discuss the negotiations. “I don’t have a comment on any discussions that may or may not be taking place with the CTA at this time.” According to the Open Meeting Law, once negotiations are completed, meeting minutes must be released to the public. However, Fitzgerald pointed out, “We have not concluded any of the contractual issues which were discussed in executive sessions, and therefore the CSC has not voted to release any of the associated minutes.”

Last time

In 1991 Carlisle teachers accepted a 6% decline in salary increases to help with the school’s financial problems a year after a failed $650,000 override. The consequences of the failed override were severe. The school cut 16 teachers for the 1990-91 school year, closed the school library, added fees, increased class sizes (some to 26 students), added building usage fees, cut custodians, cut the foreign language program, combined two elementary grades into one classroom, and cut school supplies. ∆

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