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Friday, March 7, 2008


Town Caucus yields contested races

It took just under a half hour on Monday night at the Town Caucus to nominate candidates to fill openings for School Committee, Selectmen, Board of Assessors, Board of Health, Library Trustees, Planning Board and Town Moderator. Candidates will compete for slots on the Board of Selectmen and School Committee, but not all openings came away with nominees. The ...more

Dr. Joyce Mehaffey hired as Carlisle Middle School Principal

Dr. Joyce Mehaffey has accepted the position of Carlisle Middle School Principal offered by Superintendent Marie Doyle after a final interview last week. Doyle spoke with Mehaffey about the acceptance and said, “She is delighted to be joining our educational community.” Mehaffey will be replacing interim Middle School Principal Jim Halliday. ...more

Highland Committee studies options

The Highland Building Study Committee met on February 27 to discuss possible dispositions for the historic school building. John Ballantine, Ken Hoffman, Bob Stone and Bob Hilton each presented a list of possible actions to take with the building, with preliminary analyses of the consequences of each action. The committee is not charged with making any particular ...more

Town defers many big-ticket items

Carlisle’s investment in capital improvements will have an off-year in FY09, thanks to a tight budget situation. At Finance Committee (FinCom) and Selectmen (BOS) meetings February 24 and 25, Chair Don Rober presented the recommendations of the Long-Term Capital Requirements Committee (LTCRC) with the observation that the budget of $229,500 followed the FinCom ...more

Selectmen to form Alternative Energy Committee

A Carlisle resident’s proposal to erect a wind turbine in his back yard may have stalled, but it has energized town officials to plan for alternative energy generation technologies. After initial permitting, Keith Therrien was later told his 120-foot turbine structure would violate town building codes. The Board of Selectmen (BOS) plans to form a committee ...more

Warrant takes shape

Finance Committee (FinCom) Chair Dave Model reviewed his committee’s proposal for the FY09 budget and override with the Board of Selectmen on March 4. Selectman Bill Tice congratulated the FinCom, saying “You did a super job pulling this all together” and particularly noted the small override given the many demands by town departments. ...more

DOE reviews high school

Assistant Superintendent Diana Rigby spoke to the Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee (RSC) on February 26 about a recent routine visit by the Massachusetts Department of Education (DOE) to review the special education and English Language Learners services at the Concord-Carlisle Regional High School (CCHS). The Coordinated Program Review audit is performed ...more

Recycling brings Carlisle revenue in 2007

Carlisle generated a total of 2,946 tons of solid waste in 2007. There were 1,882 tons of trash taken to the NESWC incinerator for disposal and 1,064 tons were recycled. This was a recycling rate of 36.1% (2006 = 37.3%; 2005 = 37.4%; 2004 = 36.3%; 2003 = 42.5%). Approximately 1800 households purchased dump stickers. That is a total of 3,300 pounds of material ...more

High school struggles to please accreditation group

This week Concord-Carlisle Regional High School (CCHS) Principal Peter Badalament faced a deadline to send a Special Progress Report to the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) in response to their concerns about the limitations of the CCHS facility. On Tuesday, February 26, Badalament and the Regional School Committee (RSC) discussed the ...more

CCHS studies alternatives to earlier start time

Will starting the day earlier be popular with high school students and teachers? The Concord-Carlisle High School (CCHS) continues to grapple with how to expand the school day to best meet state requirements of 990 annual hours of learning time. The Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee (RSC) agreed in January to start school ten minutes earlier at 7:25 ...more

Shorts from Regional School Committee, Feb. 26

• ActivBoard conference. On February 26, Assistant Superintendent Diana Rigby told the Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee (RSC) how Concord-Carlisle Regional High School (CCHS) chemistry teacher Cricket McCaffrey-Clark, math teacher June Patton, Concord Schools technology specialist Barbara Peskin and Diana Rigby spoke at a recent Promethean ActivBoard ...more

RSC listens to parent input for new superintendent

Monday night, the Regional School Committee (RSC) listened as about 20 parents gathered in Concord’s Thoreau School auditorium shared their thoughts on the hiring of a new superintendent for the Concord Public School and Concord-Carlisle Regional School Districts.The current superintendent, Brenda Finn, will be retiring this summer. The RSC focused on the ...more

Shorts from the ConsCom, February 28

• Agricultural lease and license agreements. According to Conservation Administrator Sylvia Willard, the Conservation Commission (ConsCom) approved several new three-year agricultural agreements on February 28. Agreements were renewed with George Fraser for the field on the Bisbee Land, with Jack Valentine for the Hutchins-Robbins field and with Mark Duffy ...more

Shorts from the BOS, February 25

• Bruce Freeman Rail Trail. On February 25 the Selectmen approved a letter of agreement to maintain Carlisle’s portion of the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail. Carlisle’s 800-foot segment runs through woods and would need minor maintenance, Town Administrator Madonna McKenzie explained. It lies between portions of the trail in Acton and Westford, and McKenzie ...more

News from surrounding towns

The following news items were extracted from material available online at: ...more

CCHS Principal Badalament shares ideas with parents over coffee by Cecile Sandwen

For the second year, Concord-Carlisle Regional High School (CCHS) held Challenge Days on February 26 - 28, a program that celebrates “diversity, truth, and full expression,” according to information distributed to parents by e-mail. Principal Peter Badalament at his parent coffee March 3 noted the program was brought to CCHS by students interested in a ...more

Board of Selectmen agenda for March 11

Town Hall, 7:00 p.m. ...more

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