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Friday, March 7, 2008


Shorts from the BOS, February 25

• Bruce Freeman Rail Trail. On February 25 the Selectmen approved a letter of agreement to maintain Carlisle’s portion of the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail. Carlisle’s 800-foot segment runs through woods and would need minor maintenance, Town Administrator Madonna McKenzie explained. It lies between portions of the trail in Acton and Westford, and McKenzie said it may be possible that the maintenance could be performed by an abutter town.

• Path to Towle Field. Deb Belanger, of the Pedestrian and Bike Safety Advisory (“Pathways”) Committee, brought a request for permission to pursue a “right of way” use along Westford Road extending from Virginia Farme to the Towle Field conservation land. The proposal stems from the planned Hanover Hill development to be located along Westford Street and between Curve Street and Virginia Farme. Sidewalks, trails (or equivilant funds) are normally included in a new subdivision, but the Pathways Committee would prefer the developer help provide a pathway along Westford Street to provide better pedestrian access to Towle Field. (See “Planning Board reviews Hanover Hill subdivision,” January 25, 2008) The Selectmen gave approval to use the Westford Street right of way. Belanger noted that some easements may be required to accommodate the pathway in places where the right of way land is not suitable for access. She said the next steps will be to visit the site and contact abutters.

• Carlisle School budget. During Superintendent Marie Doyle’s presentation on the Carlisle School budget the Selectmen indicated there was a low probability for an override of the $481,612 needed to fund the “level services” version of the FY09 school budget. The Selectmen discussed combining a $45,000 free cash transfer and $80,000 in long-term capital funds earmarked for school technology to support the school operating budget. The school would request technology funds from CEF and CSA, Doyle suggested.

• Wilson-Andreassen memorial. Stevenson said funds have been collected and the Celebration Committee is planning to announce plans on Memorial Day for the memorial to the memory of three very special residents: Carlisle’s first Fire Chief, Waldo Wilson; his wife and Carlisle’s first dispatcher, Esther Wilson; and their daughter, Town Clerk and Accountant, Sarah Andreassen. ∆

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