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Friday, March 7, 2008


Shorts from the ConsCom, February 28

• Agricultural lease and license agreements. According to Conservation Administrator Sylvia Willard, the Conservation Commission (ConsCom) approved several new three-year agricultural agreements on February 28. Agreements were renewed with George Fraser for the field on the Bisbee Land, with Jack Valentine for the Hutchins-Robbins field and with Mark Duffy for use of Fiske Meadow, Greenough Land and Foss Farm. The documents remain basically unchanged, though Duffy plans to rotate crops at Foss Farm.

The fields at the Fox Hill conservation land were not assigned. Willard said the commission will readvertise the open farming agreement.

• Hanover Hill. The ConsCom continued the public hearing for a Notice of Intent for the construction of roadway and three common driveways within 100-feet of wetland for the subdivision proposed off Westford Street. The hearing is to be continued on March 27.

• Cross Street (Map 7, Parcel 21, lot 4A-1.) The ConsCom had previously discussed the application of Mollie MacCormack in connection with the construction of a new house and driveway, but had been awaiting a file number from the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). With the number in hand, the hearing was closed and the project was approved. A standard order of conditions was issued, with the addition of the condition that while mowing would be allowed in a wetland buffer area to control invasive plants, it would be limited to at most two mowings per year.

• 581 River Road. The application by David Valchuis for construction of a swimming pool near wetlands was continued to the next meeting, because the commission requested a new copy of the plan showing how water discharged from the pool would be handled.

• 345 Russell Street. The commission approved the home addition project, applying their standard conditions for work within 100-feet of wetlands.

• 26 Westford Street. The Notice of Intent for emergency replacement of a septic system had been approved on February 14, with the condition that the wetlands be reflagged. At this meeting the ConsCom accepted the new wetland delineation.

• Wetlands workshop for realtors. Carlisle realtor Laura Baliestiero organized a workshop on wetland resources that was given recently to about two dozen members of the real estate community. The presentation was held at the Colonial Inn in Concord and included a speaker from DEP. According to Willard, the idea of the workshop was suggested by the ConsCom, in lieu of a fine associated with past Wetland Protection Act violations for the construction of a house and driveway near wetlands on the Baliestiero property (see “Special Conditions for 157 Berry Corner Lane construction,” November 14, 2003.) After the workshop was held, the ConsCom issued a Certificate of Completion for the construction project. ∆

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