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Friday, March 7, 2008


Recycling brings Carlisle revenue in 2007


Carlisle generated a total of 2,946 tons of solid waste in 2007. There were 1,882 tons of trash taken to the NESWC incinerator for disposal and 1,064 tons were recycled. This was a recycling rate of 36.1% (2006 = 37.3%; 2005 = 37.4%; 2004 = 36.3%; 2003 = 42.5%). Approximately 1800 households purchased dump stickers. That is a total of 3,300 pounds of material per household. (See table at right.)

The 2007 data raises several points of note:

• The total weight of solid waste was down somewhat in 2007 from previous years. Waste going to the incinerator and recycled materials, excluding construction debris, were reduced 7% and 8% from 2006, respectively. While favorable, it is too soon to tell if this reflects other influences or is really a trend. A significant reduction in construction debris (down 20% from 2006) is consistent with general trends in the economy.

• For the first time in recent years recycling has generated positive cash flow, bringing in almost $9,600 in 2007. To put this in perspective, in 2006 recycling cost the town $9,153, in 2004 the cost was $13,275 and in 2002 the cost was $44,300.

• The biggest contributor to this new-found revenue is a change in the market value of recycled items. While two of the three items that incur a recycling charge increased in cost in 2007 (tire disposal increased by $30/ton and construction debris increased by $7/ton), there were significant increases in the value of other items that make up 59% of recycling by weight. To wit, compensation for cardboard increased by $50/ton, metal increased by $40/ton, paper increased by $15/ton, and aluminum and tin cans increased by $10/ton. ∆

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