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Friday, March 7, 2008


Warrant takes shape

Finance Committee (FinCom) Chair Dave Model reviewed his committee’s proposal for the FY09 budget and override with the Board of Selectmen on March 4. Selectman Bill Tice congratulated the FinCom, saying “You did a super job pulling this all together” and particularly noted the small override given the many demands by town departments.

Budget proposals had been slightly tweaked since last week. The recommendation still includes the transfer of $80,000 in capital allocation for Carlisle Public School (CPS) computers to the school operating budget, and adds a $45,000 Free Cash transfer to that budget. These actions would save three of four teacher positions designated “highest priority” by the Carlisle School Committee. The School Committee had not yet approved the plan, but was expected to discuss it at their meeting Wednesday.

A $148,000 Free Cash transfer will cover the CPS $45,000 as well as unemployment for teacher layoffs at CPS at $95,000, and other incidental expenses such as election supplies. An override amount of $251,600 is being recommended for the Concord-Carlisle High School. No recommendations for capital expenditures under debt exclusion are being made. It was noted that if the high school override should fail, there will be an opportunity to negotiate with the Regional School Committee about accepting a lower amount that might have a greater chance of passage at a second Town Meeting.

Other items for the Warrant

The Benfield tax lawsuit will require a Stabilization Fund transfer to cover at least part of the $309,599.46 amount the courts decided against the town. In 2004, money was put into the Stabilization Fund against the possibility of this decision, and that has accumulated interest to total $197,679.10. Another $48,250.39 can be transferred from the assessors’ overlay accounts, which keep reserves against uncollected real estate taxes. The $36,349.07 shortfall may be covered by a Free Cash transfer.

A Free Cash transfer may be required to cover SPED costs at CCHS. Information on whether the state will help out is being awaited.

The Board of Health will ask for the power to levy fines for violations. Stevenson asked for a summary of what fines they anticipate enacting.

CPA motions have not yet been finalized. The Warrant will be voted on and closed at the BOS meeting next week. It was noted the School Building Committee has not put forward a warrant article, and a warrant article reserved for the Highland Building was withdrawn. ∆

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