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Friday, March 7, 2008


Town Caucus yields contested races

It took just under a half hour on Monday night at the Town Caucus to nominate candidates to fill openings for School Committee, Selectmen, Board of Assessors, Board of Health, Library Trustees, Planning Board and Town Moderator. Candidates will compete for slots on the Board of Selectmen and School Committee, but not all openings came away with nominees. The Housing Authority came up dry, and the Caucus found only one nominee for the Planning Board, which has two openings (see table below.)

Caucus nominees will appear on the ballot in May. Other candidates may run for office if they obtain a petition from the Town Clerk, have it signed and return the completed form by March 25, or if they choose to be write-in candidates.

Wayne Davis, elected moderator for the evening, opened nominations for the office of Town Moderator, for a one-year term. Doug Stevenson nominated Tom Raftery of Concord Street, with Paul Anagnostopoulos seconding. There were no other nominations for this office, which carries with it a three-year term.

For the one opening on the Board of Health, Bill Risso nominated incumbent Jeffrey Brem of Long Ridge Road, seconded by Greg Peterson. There were no further nominations for this three-year term.

Davis asked for nominations for the Housing Authority’s one vacancy, but none were forthcoming, even in a second round of nominations later in the evening. The Housing Authority position is a five-year term.

There is one opening with a three-year term on the Board of Trustees of Gleason Public Library, for which Priscilla Stevens nominated Ann Rosas of Westford Street. This nomination was seconded by Barbara Lewis. Dale Ryder nominated Vera T. Tice of Audubon Lane, and Doug Stevenson seconded this nomination.

There are two openings on the Planning Board, each with three-year terms. Greg Peterson, seconded by John Williams, nominated Michael Epstein of Spencer Brook Lane, but there were no nominations for the second opening.

The School Committee has two openings, each for three-year terms. Thomas Hedden, seconded by Burkel, nominated Donald Rober of Rutland Street. William Fink of Daniels Lane was nominated by Dale Ryder and seconded by John Williams. Dale Ryder also nominated Louis Salemy of Concord Street, a nomination seconded by Paul Anagnostopoulos.

Unable to garner more nominations from the quorum in attendance, Davis asked Caucus Secretary Cynthia Schweppe to read the slate of officers. This done, he entertained a motion from John Williams, seconded by Greg Peterson, to close nominations and asked Schweppe to cast one ballot in favor of the slate. With the slate completed, Greg Peterson, seconded by Cindy Nock, motioned to ask the Selectmen to fill any vacancies caused by ineligibility, health or other failure to be able to complete the election process. The Caucus approved all nominations and motions unanimously.

Barbara Lewis, of the League of Women Voters, announced that the League is planning a candidates’ forum in April and will publish a date for this event soon. She invited all nominees to e-mail her for more information. After asking the nominees to stay and sign acceptance papers with Town Clerk Charlene Hinton, Davis adjourned the 2008 Town Caucus. ∆.

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