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Friday, February 15, 2008


Shorts from the Planning Board, February 11

· Hanover Hill subdivision. At the February 11 meeting of the Carlisle Planning Board, George Dimakarakos (Stamski & McNary) and developer Rob West discussed the Definitive Subdivision Plan for the proposed 35-lot subdivision off Route 225. The principal topic was width and slope of shoulders for the two proposed subdivision roads. Although the design changes would require waivers of the board's Rules and Regulations for Subdivisions, consensus appears to be that the modifications would be desirable since less disruption of the natural vegetation would result.

· Footpaths at Hanover Hill. John Bakewell, representing the Pathways Committee, said that a pathway along Westford Street would be preferred to pathways within the development. Within the development, approximately 3,800 feet would be involved, in contrast with 3,000 feet along Westford Street. West commented that doing such work outside of the project area is more expensive, so that the net cost would be the same for either option. Consideration is being given to having a four- to five-foot wide paved path from the present driveway opposite Acton Street to Virginia Farme Lane. Within the development area, the pathway would not be within the right-of-way of Westford Street.

· Omnipoint Public Hearing. Chairman Michael Epstein opened the public hearing for the application for special permit and site plan approval for a personal wireless communication facility to be located in the steeple of the First Religious Society at 27 School Street. This facility, if approved, will be located below the Sprint wireless facility previously approved by the board. Associate board member David Freedman was appointed as a voting member for this application.

Representing the applicant (Omnipoint), attorney Brian Grossman presented plans and supporting documentation. The board noted some inconsistencies in the material. Predicted coverage plots did not correlate with orientation of the panel antennas represented on the plans. The board questioned whether the antennas could be located higher in the steeple, just below the Sprint antennas. Such a move could provide better coverage. Chair Michael Epstein said, "I'm fixated on seamless coverage on Route 225." In contrast with the small Sprint GPS antennas that will be located high within the steeple, Omnipoint's proposal shows their small GPS antennas outside, low and in back of the steeple near the church roofline. The board asked Grossman to review the inconsistencies as well as locations of the panel antennas, the outside air conditioning unit and the GPS antennas.

· Meeting schedule. The February 25 Planning Board meeting will begin at 7 p.m. The Hanover Hill public hearing will begin at 7:30 p.m., and the Omnipoint hearing is scheduled for 8:30 p.m.

· Board openings. Two positions on the seven-member board are expected to be open for the spring elections. Interested candidates should contact the board administrator, George Mansfield for information.

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