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Friday, February 15, 2008

ONCE UPON A CHOCOLATE TIME... Carlisle School seventh graders sing "The Golden Age of Chocolate" during a performance of Willy Wonka Jr. at the Corey Auditorium this week. (Photo by Ellen Huber)

This week the first interviews for the position of Middle School Principal (for Grades 5-8) were held at the Carlisle Public School. In the initial interviews the school says it keeps information on candidates confidential because their employers are often unaware of their applications. ...more

Town and Carlisle School officials met with the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) in January about the next steps for the school building project. The agency stated Carlisle is likely to receive about a 40% state reimbursement for the project, according to School Building Committee (SBC) Chair Lee Storrs. ...more

Wendy Davis recalls the drama and excitement of the Alabama civil rights march 43 years ago. (Photo by Ellen Miller)

Wednesday, February 20, will present us with a total lunar eclipse, which happens when the moon passes through the conical shadow cast by earth. The moon will be well-positioned to allow viewing the entire eclipse. Not much darkening will be visible until the moon passes from the outer lighter shadow called the penumbra, into the umbra, the darkest part of ...more

With 8% interest fees mounting, Selectmen agreed on February 12 to avoid further delay and pay the money owed South Street Nominee Trust as the result of a recent court decision found against the town. The dispute concerned roll-back taxes of $216,300 collected in 2002 when West Street property owned by the Trust was removed from Chapter 61 forestry restriction. ...more
"I just did it because I had to do it," says Wendy Davis. She speaks with a trace of the Georgia drawl that 50 years in Carlisle have not managed to erase. Interviewed recently in the dining room of her East Street farmhouse where a cozy fire crackles in the fireplace, Davis recalls the Selma to Montgomery (Alabama) march 43 years ago when she, her ...more

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