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Friday, February 8, 2008


Shorts from the Historical Commission, January 29

· Historical Society. Janet Hentschel, representing the Carlisle Historical Society, asked the Historical Commission to support the Society's request for funds from the Community Preservation Committee (CPC). The request was for $2,500 for archival storage materials to preserve articles in the Historical Society's collections. Because Heald House, where the collections are housed, is not climate-controlled, textiles and other artifacts require adequate preservation. The Historical Commission voted to support the request.

· Library facade. Gleason Library trustee Phil Conti and Director Angela Mollet appeared before the Commission to request its support for CPC-funded repairs to the library's facade, estimated at up to $340,000.(See "Benfield Land, Honor Roll among CPC requests," page 5 .) The Commission recommended that a preservation consultant be hired to assess the extent of the problem and the scope of renovation. It offered general support for the appropriate level of restoration.

· Survey of historical properties. The "Community-wide Historical Properties Survey" being conducted by consultants Anne Forbes and Gretchen Schuler, has completed its first phase and has entered phase two. A master street index has been compiled and over 250 properties "worthy of documentation" (i.e., pre-dating 1960) have been identified. The consultants expect the project will be completed by this fall.

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