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Friday, February 1, 2008


Carlisle isn't a destination town. We don't have a restaurant, art museum or cinema to draw visitors. But we do have one attraction that is a destination for local area skiers as well as visitors from across the U.S. It's Great Brook Ski Touring Center at the state park on Lowell Street, and it's a first-rate cross-country ski area. ...more

On January 26 the Corey dining room and auditorium were filled with the colorful celebration of the Chinese New Year. Students, teachers, parents and visitors enjoyed an afternoon of Chinese food, arts and dance. Led by Carlisle teacher and Chinese dancer Chiao Bin Huang, the public was treated to dances and music from the first to eighth graders, as well ...more

Deer behavior is very erratic across town this winter — which just might explain why a mountain laurel or azalea on one property is left alone while another down the street is stripped clean. Some plants such as holly, crabapple and rhododendron are high on the deer's list and others, such as juniper and white pine, are quite low, but really hungry deer ...more

Last week on January 25 was the 249th anniversary of Robert Burns's birthday. I have taken the first line of his poem, "To a Mouse," as the title of this week's column. Titles in the Biodiversity Corner are usually prosaic and in that vein I could have used a title of "Rodent" or even Peromyscus, the genus name of this week's beastie. ...more

Over the Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend, many in Carlisle forget the hustle and bustle of school and work to enjoy three days with their family and friends. However, a few men and boys from Carlisle's Boy Scout Troop 135 challenged the arctic air blowing in from Canada and spent two nights on the annual Deep Freeze camping trip in the forest near Vermont's ...more

I read an article about New Year's resolutions recently that gave this pointer: to increase your odds of succeeding with a resolution, tell it to as many people as possible. ...more

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