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Friday, January 25, 2008


"Pushing the envelope" barely begins to describe Tully Foote's contribution to the development of driverless cars. Driverless cars, you ask? Yes — not tomorrow, perhaps not until 2015, but definitely on the horizon, and Tully is in the forefront of the technology. ...more

The Gleason Public Library welcomed two new librarians in 2007, Erica St. Peter and Nancy Boutet. Library Director Angela Mollet urges townspeople to "come to the library and meet Nancy and Erica for yourselves." She continues, "From research, to technology and, of course, the books, Nancy and Erica are well-poised to handle the huge range of ...more

On January 12 the daytime temperature was in the low to mid 40s. Much of the December snow had melted and the next snow had not arrived. I was out walking with Mary Zoll when she spotted a black beetle crossing the road on School Street. (I think it thought it was a chicken.) I don't usually see beetles in the winter time, even on mild days, except ...more

"This is going to be a totally gentle experience, like two friends tossing around ideas together. I am a pussycat. I don't want you to go away feeling wrecked. I want you to enjoy this and go away with something you can keep." So began last Saturday's master classes in Gilbert and Sullivan (G&S) performance, conducted by Britain's Roberta Morrell. ...more

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