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Friday, January 18, 2008


Immediately upon entering her post-and-beam home on Patch Meadow Lane, one can see that Kerri Piette appreciates the work of a craftsman. Bull's-eye windows in her front door were hand-blown by a friend. The sink and tiles were crafted by a California potter. A blacksmith friend forged the door hardware and fireplace tools, and a stonemason from Bedford built ...more

Lyricist W. S. Gilbert and composer Sir Arthur Sullivan together created a canon of light opera that defined and parodied what it meant to be British in the 19th century. They knew that the British were famous the world over for the "stiff upper lip," for a superbly trained military that operated on land and sea with surgical precision, and, among ...more

The day I turn 18 I will only care that I no longer have to leave parties at 11:45 to be home by midnight. But in terms of finally reaching adulthood in America, the most important part of being legal is the ability to vote. I won't be able to put in my two cents for the primary, but that isn't stopping me or other CCHS students from voicing our opinions. ...more

On a winter walk when the ground is covered with snow you can still find lichens on vertical surfaces like tree trunks, tombstones, fence railings and the sides of stonewalls. I have many lichen friends living in the Green Cemetery. It is easy to visit them without skis or snowshoes even after heavy snow because the roads in the cemetery are kept plowed. ...more

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