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Friday, January 18, 2008


Lightning shuts down school power

After a bolt of lightning and a clap of thunder last Friday afternoon, lights in the Carlisle School went out, flickered and came back on again. The school decided to then shut down the main switch that supplies power to all buildings to keep computers and motors of the ventilation system from being damaged, according to Facilities Supervisor David Flannery. All buildings were checked to find the source of the problem.

The school later learned a switch on an Nstar utility pole in front of the dental office in the center of town was struck by lightning during the January rainstorm. Power was interrupted from about 1:45 to 3:30 p.m., the end of the school day, while the electric company replaced a fuse in the center switch. Classes finished the day as usual and a staff budget meeting was held as scheduled in the school library, though the seventh-grade play rehearsal had to be canceled.

The school was not the only facility affected by the lightning. The Mosquito web site was temporarily knocked out, but was back in service the next day.

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