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Friday, January 18, 2008


Shorts from ConsCom, January 10

· Three Conservation Land Use Permits were approved. The first is for a private star party for young children after dark on Towle Field, the second is for the moonlight trek from Foss Field to the Greenough Land and back, sponsored by the Carlisle Trails Committee, and the third is for a nature walk on the Towle Land sponsored by Concord-Carlisle Community Education.

· Great Brook Farm State Park. Park Supervisor Steve Carlin appeared before the board asking for approval to repair an existing bridge. The small wooden structure, which spans an intermittent stream, is used by hikers and cross-country skiers. Since ski season is in full swing, temporary emergency repairs have been made. The board agreed to issue a negative determination, thus it is not necessary to file a notice of intent (NOI). An emergency certificate was signed and the board asked Carlin to limit the more permanent repairs which will be done in the spring to the current size of the bridge.

· 630 Rutland Street. Owners Alexander and Sara Vuckovic, with engineer George Dimakarakos of Stamski and McNary, came before the board seeking permission to install a swimming pool, storage shed and associated grading/landscaping where the limit of the work area would be 40 feet from the wetlands at its closest point. The owners also wished to create a planting bed eight-feet wide around the outside of the pool fence. The board issued a Standard Order of Conditions with the stipulation that the planting bed not be lawn.

· 274 Heald Road. Engineer David Schofield came before the board representing owner Paul DiCristina. Schofield brought plans for replacement of a failed septic system. According to Schofield, placement of a new system is extremely difficult since the only area on the lot which is outside of the well radius and outside of the 100-foot wetlands buffer zone is under the driveway. The property wetlands have been flagged and an alternative Presby system, which will allow for a 40% reduction in size, will be used. The planned wetland offsets will be 52 feet to the pump chamber and 72.3 feet to the leaching field. An impermeable L-shaped barrier will be used between the leaching field and the wetland. The board expressed concern about the tightness of the work area, noting that excavated soil will need to be removed from the property and trucked back later since there is no space for stockpiling and barely room for trucks to get in and out. The board also noted that it would not be possible for the owners to be home during construction since there would be no safe egress. After discussion, the board issued a Standard Order of Conditions noting that nothing could be stockpiled outside the limit of work and that any further changes would require another visit before the board.

· Hanover Hill. George Dimakarakos of Stamski and McNary was scheduled to update the board on the progress at Hanover Hill off Westford Street as part of a continued hearing on the NOI for construction of a roadway and three common driveways with associated grading and drainage system within 100 feet of a bordering vegetative wetland. Dimakarakos stated that he had no further information as of this ConsCom meeting, but that he would be appearing before the Planning Board on Monday, January 14. Conservation Administrator Sylvia Willard noted that she has a list of concerns which include construction siltration control and evidence of the existence of two vernal pools on the planned construction site. The board agreed to continue the hearing until January 24 at 8:30 p.m.

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