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Friday, January 18, 2008


Town Hall rewiring runs into glitches

The rewiring of Town Hall is done, with some issues still to be resolved, according to Town Administrator Madonna McKenzie. A few months ago it was discovered that the wiring connecting computers at Town Hall had been improperly run when the building was erected, resulting in worn and unusable wire. Town Hall employees have long complained of the difficulty of sharing information across computers. The new wiring and installation of two donated switches should allow access, with permission, to data throughout the system.

The two switches are used models donated by Integration Resources Corp, which was replacing them. Unknown to the installers, the switches contained set IP addresses, the labels which allow a network to find a particular node. On Saturday when the network was brought up, it did not work. Ted Shaw of Stoney Gate, who is acting as consultant on the project, has put in many hours this week switching back to the old system so the network would be usable. Everything is now working, but off the old network. Shaw is in the process of changing the IP addresses, and it is hoped the new network will be running soon.

With a rewiring project, McKenzie says, it is expected there will be problems. "Everything has its glitches. This is mild compared to some stories I've heard."

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