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Friday, January 18, 2008

Police Blotter / Fire Log

Police Blotter

compiled by Kathleen Coyle

January 7

9:05 a.m. A North Road resident reported a lost cell phone.

9:43 a.m. A past minor vehicle accident on West Street was reported.

1:26 p.m. A Stearns Street resident reported e-mail activity involving suspicious charges to an on-line account.

2:07 p.m. Patrol made a bike patrol on School Street.

3:02 p.m. A vehicle blocking the roadway on Foss Way was asked to move.

3:19 p.m. Patrol investigated a disabled vehicle on Lowell Street and determined that AAA was en route and the husband was at the scene.

6:15 p.m. Patrol assisted the Fire Department at the scene of a fire alarm on Curve Street.

6:23 p.m. Patrol investigated a vehicle with no one around at Curve Street and Cranberry Hill Lane.

January 8

7:13 p.m. A resident came to the station for legal information.

January 9

7:41 a.m. Patrol removed debris in the roadway at Westford Street and the flats; DPW was notified.

11:46 a.m. Utilities and DPW were notified of a tree down and wires across the road at Maple Street and the Billerica line.

1:34 p.m. Keys found at 7 Westford Street were brought to the station and tagged.

5:18 p.m. A Carlisle resident had a rollover accident at Lowell Street and North Road. There were no injuries.

7:34 p.m. A Lowell Street resident reported the possible theft of a snow blower.

January 10

7:38 a.m. A resident contacted the station for legal advice.

9:05 a.m. Patrol assisted DPW with traffic at East and Maple Streets.

2:41 p.m. A front loader in the roadway at Lowell Street and North Road was removed by the owner.

2:56 p.m. A chocolate Lab reported in the roadway at Lowell Street and Elizabeth Ridge Road was gone when patrol arrived.

3:06 p.m. The operator of a vehicle blocking the entrance at Church Street and the Corey Building was notified.

6:10 p.m. An individual who came to the Police Station seeking shelter was advised.

January 11

1:26 a.m. An open door on Foss Way checked okay; the owner was notified.

2:09 a.m. A vehicle parked at the library was advised to move along.

9:39 a.m. Directed activity was ordered at Westford and Acton Streets where vehicles were going around a school van.

1:50 p.m. A checkbook found on Westford Street was picked up by the owner.

1:55 p.m. NStar was notified of arcing wires on Westford Street.

2:35 p.m. An erratic operator was reported at Bedford Road and East Street. Patrol found the situation checked okay.

2:42 p.m. Children were reported to be throwing snowballs at vehicles at Concord and Russell Streets: patrol investigated and had a negative find.

3:50 p.m. Patrol assisted with traffic at Lowell Street and the rotary where NStar was working on a pole.

January 12

2:03 p.m. A stay-away order issued by the town was received.

3:31 p.m. A vehicle accident occurred on Rutland Street.

January 13

7:01 a.m. Patrol was assigned to directed activity at Lowell Street and the rotary.

Fire Log

There was no Fire Log available when the Mosquito went to press. Police activity summary

122 Checks to town buildings and churches

35 Housechecks

43 Directed activity

27 Traffic violations

05 Suspicious persons and vehicles

11 Residential and other alarms

07 Traffic hazards

Real Estate Transfers

December 2007

· 779 West Street — Gregory Bruell to Gregory Bruell for $1.00 on December 10.

· 45 Virginia Farme Road — Orlando S. Abello to Orlando S. Abello and Rosalina A. Spencer for $1.00 on December 13.

· 52 Evergreen Lane — Robert M. Pease and Carol A. Wingard to Rylan Grant and Christina M. Rudzinski for $623,000 on December 13.

· 83 Pheasant Hill Lane — Gilda M. and Russel M. Khederian to Elizabeth D. and Alan Leslie Ankers for $775,000 on December 14.

· Greystone Lane, Lot 3 — Bingham Road LLC and Regina Costello, trustee of Carriage Estates Trust, to Michael S. and Bethany A. Richman for $765,000 on December 14.

· 284 Acton Street — Jeffrey M. and Phyllis R. Lane to Chad D. and Lisa M. Castro for $450,000 on December 14.

· 23 Buttrick Lane — Rochelle and Jonathan Scott Carr to Susana R. and Thomas M. McDermott for $1,380,000 on December 17.

· 484 Cross Street — Peter Henry Yelle, Jr. and Carol Grace Yelle to Carol G. and Peter H. Yelle, Jr., trustees of Carol G. Yelle Revocable Trust of 2007, for $1.00 on December 20.

· 63 Old North Road — Keith M. and Patricia A. Simon to Keith M. and Patricia A. Simon, trustees of 63 Old North Road Nominee Trust, for $1.00 on December 21.

· 430 Baldwin Road — Winifred Hentschel, f/k/a Winifred Hentschel Sachs, to Hentschel Schmidt Baldwin Road Realty Trust for $1.00 on December 31.

· 430 Baldwin Road — Janet E. Hentschel and Gregory J. Schmidt to Hentschel Schmidt Baldwin Road Realty Trust for $1.00 on December 31.

· West Street, Lot 16 - Howard E. Hensleigh, Susan L. Harvey, Susan Harvey Chavez, Nancy Hensleigh Quinn and Jonathan B. Hensleigh to Howard E. Hensleigh for $1.00 on December 31.

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