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Friday, January 11, 2008


The young man (I'll call him Mark) is looking down, not making eye contact. He slouches in his chair until he gets a subtle nudge from his mom to remind him to sit up. Mark looks as though he'd rather be anywhere else. It's hard to read what he's feeling. Maybe he's mad he was caught; maybe he's embarrassed and remorseful. ...more

You probably avoid thinking about it, but what would happen if you had a medical emergency? The Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Zone Plan submitted by Fire Chief David Flannery and EMS Coordinator Burt Rubenstein to the Metropolitan Boston Emergency Medical Services Council details the provisions for medical emergencies occurring in Carlisle. The plan sets ...more

Only a few minutes remain before the start of Caucus Night, and still the line of voters outside Longfellow Elementary School in Iowa City extends down the sidewalk into the icy shadows beyond. For weeks, pollsters and pundits have predicted a record turnout for both political parties. However, with frigid temperatures and frequent snowstorms making their ...more

Are you barely hanging on to your New Year's resolutions? If you require encouragement, visit the Gleason Library before February 29 to view the photography exhibition entitled, "The Year of Jumping Boy." The show contains 50 framed prints selected from the 365 consecutive photos taken every day, starting January 1, 2006, by David Freedman of his ...more

With rain the day before, snow the day after, and temperatures mostly in the thirties, one might think that the birders who fanned out over southern Carlisle on Sunday, December 30, had ideal conditions for the National Audubon Society's annual Christmas Bird Count. But birds were generally hard to find, and several species almost always present were missing. ...more

I chose the Common Redpoll this week because this is one of those years when there are unusually large numbers of them around and your chances of seeing one are relatively high. The Christmas Bird Count indicates population spikes occurring every few years in Carlisle with the last one being in 1999. It is only a coincidence that this spike has occurred in ...more

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