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Friday, January 11, 2008


Shorts from the CSC, January 2

· School Building Committee. Committee member Wendell Sykes reported that the School Building Committee has started working on a proposal for a project manager. The state requires the school to hire a project manager before beginning the design process. "As I understand it, on our nickel we hire the manager so we are ready to negotiate with the state," explained Sykes. "Are we financially responsible for paying the individual?" asked committee member Michael Fitzgerald. Yes, said Sykes, and estimated costs could run from $25,000 to $50,000. "We should let the Finance Committee know about that," replied Fitzgerald. "I'm not clear on whether [the state] is letting us move ahead or not," said Superintendent Marie Doyle. She said she understood that they had to wait to get further word from the state. Fitzgerald expressed concern that a manager would be hired before the state commits funds to the building project. Sykes explained the committee is prepared to move forward when approval from the state is received.

· Consultant update. CSC Chair Nicole Burkel updated the committee on the progress of the facilitator, John Littleford. He is scheduled to hold individual interviews with 24 faculty members and staff, the School Committee and the administration during the week of January 7, and finish with a workshop on January 14.

In September Burkel reported on Littleford's goals to assess the "quality and health of board governance," offer team building and transition support and, after the workshop on the January 14, to outline recommendations for the future.

· DOE safety audit. Carlisle School Principal Patrice Hurley reported the school is participating in a Department of Education "safe and drug free" audit. The school had to submit over 100 different documents, she reported. The DOE auditors met with members of the administration, the teaching staff, and parents.

· ELA review. Hurley said a curriculum review process for English language arts has begun, Hurley said. So far, the review team has identified the strengths of the current program.

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