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Friday, December 21, 2007


"Family ties" are an important part of any holiday season. But that term takes on a whole new meaning at the Liteplo household on Curve Street, where year after year the traditional Christmas Tie is passed from one family member to the next. And "knot" only do the Liteplos hand over a tie every year, but the recent addition of a family ...more

Warning: Due to holiday-related subject matter, this column may be inappropriate for young children. ...more

It was big news this fall when the CCHS cheerleaders were invited to perform during half-time at the Gator Bowl game in Jacksonville, Florida, on New Year's Day. Not only do the 20 lucky girls and their coach, Nicole Lonergan, get to ring in 2008 sans two feet of snow, they get to be on television. And from what I've heard from the girls themselves, there ...more

Name. The Snow Bunting has the scientific name of Plectrophenax nivalis, where nivalis is from the Latin meaning "of the snow". (Nivalis is also used in naming the snowdrop plant which is Galanthus nivalis.) Snow Buntings are in the family, Emberizidae, along with towhees, sparrows and juncos which all ...more

Since last spring the Gleason Public Library has been hosting a year-long exhibit of the photographs in Carlisle of Herbert Wendell Gleason . A prolific early 20th-century landscape photographer, Gleason spent many years, from 1899 to 1918, interpreting and recording the natural spaces traversed by Henry David Thoreau. Tracing the locations mentioned in ...more

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