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Friday, December 21, 2007


News from surrounding towns

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Police and Fire

Bedford: There are the occasional 911 calls made by toddlers, but when adults call to complain about a barking dog or illegally parked car, this is an abuse of the system. Bedford Police are trying to re-educate the public on the fundamentals of 911: "Save a life, stop a crime, prevent a fire." They are starting at the grass roots, with visual presentations to kindergarteners and stickers for the general public. ("Abuse of 911 emergency line noted," October18, 2007)

Acton: The K-9 team's only canine member "Miso," a German Shepherd, completed 12 weeks of intensive training at the Boston Police K-9 Training Academy last month. Although still not a full-fledged member, he has already tracked two armed robbery suspects and a possible car thief. It was Officer Dan Holway's persistence that led to getting budget approvals to establish this K-9 unit. Now thrilled with the results, he patrols Acton streets with Miso in a modified squad car. ("K-9 team gets to work," November 15, 2007)


Acton: The Town Meetings of Acton and Boxborough agreed on a formula for funding their regional school system. Acton agreed to fund 78.42% of the fiscal year 2008 budget, and Boxborough 21.58%. Now the state has come up with its own formula which has "decreased Boxborough's contribution by about a third of a percent, a difference of more than $60,000." School Committee members are frustrated. ("School funding raises questions," December 13, 2007)


Bedford: Expect to see more small jets flying out of Hanscom Field. Concord-based air-taxi service Linear Air has acquired several technologically advanced jets which are nearly half the size of their Cessna Grand Caravans, but capable of high speed and less noise. ("Look, it's a bird, no, a jet plane," December 6, 2007)

Also in the news

Acton: Commuters on the Fitchburg commuter rail line from South Acton into Boston will be happy to hear that the state will provide $75 million for improvements, including installing wireless Internet and adding a new track from Acton to Ayer which will shorten the travel times. However parking lots, which currently fill up by 8 a.m. on weekdays, will not be enlarged.("Bill would commit $75M to Fitchburg commuter line," December 13, 2007)

Bedford: Bedford is considering a farmers market on either Monday or Thursday, from 2 to 6:30 p.m. from mid-June through October in the parking lot adjacent to the Bikeway Source. The market "would be a nonprofit run by volunteers and a paid market manager, with oversight provided by a Bedford Farmers' Market Committee." This would not overlap with Carlisle's Farmers' Market, which runs on Saturdays. ("Farmers' market considered," December 12, 2007.)

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