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Friday, December 21, 2007


Shorts from the Board of Health, December 11

· Ferns annual food establishment permit renewed. Larry Bearfield, co-owner of Ferns Country Store, brought the public health inspector's report for the Board of Health (BOH) to review. There were a few minor corrections, such as a dimly lit basement storage area, which had been corrected and reinspected. The board also reviewed refrigeration temperature records. The permit renewal was granted with no conditions.

The BOH food permit allows Ferns to sell foods prepared on site, while the annual Common Victualler's license, signed December 11 by the Board of Selectmen, allows the store to sell prepackaged foods.

Bearfield also presented a letter to the board to raise awareness of an issue he is facing. According to Bearfield, earlier in the year, the Plumbing Inspector gave the go ahead to expand the store without requiring a public restroom. However, in May the Plumbing Inspector, Ken Rich, changed his decision, stating a public restroom would be required. The BOH proposed inviting the Plumbing Inspector to an upcoming meeting to explain his change of mind.

· 217 Heald Road. Joe March of the engineering firm Stamsky and McNary, Inc. represented the homeowners before the BOH on December 11 in a request to waive wetland setback restrictions. The homeowners wish to install a Presby septic system, a technology which allows a smaller footprint for leaching fields. The waiver was granted with two conditions: that the system be installed with serial piping rather than the proposed parallel piping and that the engineers verify the system is at least 100 feet from the neighbor's well.

· 41 Pope Road. Anthony Pacillo, representing Damon Properties, asked the board to extend the time allowed to finish the installation of a new home septic system. The board agreed to extend the deadline to December 24.

· 81 Craigie Circle. A well was incorrectly drilled 22.5 feet from the property line instead of the required 25 feet. A variance is now being requested. The board agreed, under the condition that the owners apply and pay for a new permit.

· 26 Westford Street. David Schoefield, of Schoefield Engineers, and Alan Merry, the homeowner, met with the board to discuss an emergency order. The septic system is currently failing, presenting a potential public health hazard. The proposed replacement leaching area did not meet the requirement that it be at least 100 feet from a well and the board and engineer discussed changes which would allow the system to be as close to compliance as possible. The board issued a letter to the homeowner stipulating that work on the system start by March 5, if not sooner, and to finish and seek a certificate of compliance by April 15.

· BOH contract with Concord. Brent Reagor, Concord's recently hired Public Health Administrator, came to the meeting to open discussions between the two towns regarding Carlisle's contract for services with Concord. (The previous three-year contract ended in June, but the towns had temporarily extended services at the same rates via a memorandum of understanding due to the fact that Concord did not have a Public Health Administrator.) The contract primarily provides services such as sanitary inspections. Under the old document, Carlisle can use up to 75 hours of service but typically uses about half the time. Questions were raised about changing the amount of time allotted or possibly varying the rate depending on the qualifications of the person providing the service. Reagor will bring a proposed contract back to the BOH as well as to the Board of Selectman early in the new year.

Reagor also discussed Concord's neighborhood network and personal preparedness plan. Carlisle is in the process of building neighborhood networks for public health emergencies and natural disasters.

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