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Friday, December 14, 2007

Be prepared for Primary

To the Editor:

The presidential primary election is fast approaching and I would like to remind voters of some important facts surrounding the election.

The date of the primary has been changed to February 5, 2008 from March 5, 2008. Because of this change, the last day to register or change party affiliations for this election is Wednesday, January 16, 2008. The Town Clerk's office will be open until 8 p.m. on January 16, 2008 to accommodate voter registrations and changes.

Please keep in mind that you can only take a ballot for the party with which you are affiliated. Voters registered as unenrolled may take a ballot from any party. If you have recently moved into Carlisle or to a different address in Carlisle, you must register to vote at your new address.

Voter registrations and party affiliation changes may be done by mail but they must be postmarked by January 16, 2008 to be in effect for this election.

I will be providing more detailed information regarding the election very soon, but I felt it was important for you to be aware of these dates so no one will miss the opportunity to vote.

As always, if you have any questions or wish to verify your voter status or party affiliation, please contact the Town Clerk's office at 1-978-369-6155 or by email at

Charlene Hinton
Town Clerk

Center Park progress

To the Editor:

Winter brings a blanket of snow to Center Park and bright red berries on the winterberry and holly bushes. Kerry Kissinger's praise in a recent Mosquito Forum was generous. I admit to being a "force and spirit," as Selectman Tim Hult said at the dedication in June; however, as the thank you listing to be printed in next week's Mosquito will show, there were many of you, as well as your neighbors and friends and others, who participated in creating a lovely Center Park. This community collaboration is a source of great pride.

In September, Ken Kydd of the Green Lawn Company in Chelmsford installed the first phase of an irrigation system to be completed in the spring. Ken grew up in Carlisle; his Grandmother McAllister lived in the "long building" opposite the rotary.

We are gathering a group of Park Friends, men and women in Carlisle, who appreciate gardens and may be retired without gardens of their own. They would play an important role in assuring that the beauty of the park is maintained. Others are interested in documenting the history of the park and recording the names of all the plantings to be in a binder at the Gleason Library.

Many people are enjoying their lunch or conversations while seated on the teak benches in the center of the park flower bed. One bench is available as a naming opportunity in memory, or in honor, of a beloved person in your family. The other bench is in memory of Jessica H. Valentine, 1961 to 1985.

If you would like to make a tax-deductible gift to Center Park, payable to the Town of Carlisle, the money will be used for expenses such as irrigation and plantings as needed to keep the site attractive and welcoming. In 2008, there will be a special dinner event for donors of $1,000 or more to celebrate the park's success. All gifts create a special connection for the giver and will be warmly appreciated.

Your questions about the naming opportunity, Park Friends, and gifts will be welcome. May you enjoy Center Park during all seasons.

Sabrina Perry
Carlisle Center Park Project

Carlisle Police say thank you

To the Editor:

The Carlisle Police Department would like to thank everyone who donated food and other items during this year's food drive. Once again it was a great success and as a result many needy families not only received much needed nutrition, but also were able to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday due to your kindness. We would especially like to thank Larry Bearfield, Robin Emerson and Ferns Country Store for their participation.

Sgt. Scott Barnes
Carlisle Police Department

Thanks from Ferns

To the Editor:

The 2007 Christmas on the Common event held last Sunday evening was a resounding success! A large part of our success is due to the tremendous cooperation we always receive from our Board of Selectmen, Carlisle School, Chief John Sullivan, Chief David Flannery, Gary Davis and the members of their respective departments. We also owe a very large thank-you to the many volunteers who gave of their time to help make it a safe, fun-filled time for all of the big and little kids who attended. In addition to members of Boy Scout Troop 135, many of the volunteers we recruited were specifically asked because they have no young children. It allowed parents to attend with their kids. All those who volunteered celebrated in the magic they were able to witness in all of the kids' wonder-filled, wide eyes. We say it over and over but it always bears repeating — the very fabric of our community is greatly enhanced by opportunities provided to bring townsfolk together. And we're willing to help make that happen — because of the tremendous support we always receive. Last evening was yet another shining example that exemplified the true spirit of our Hanukkah and Christmas seasons — and why Carlisle is such a special town!

Thank you and have a safe and special Season!

Robin Emerson
Larry Bearfield
Ferns Country Store

Thanks to those who enrich the Carlisle School

To the Editor:

Woodrow Wilson once said, "You are not here merely to make a living. You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world, and you impoverish yourself if you forget the errand." Here in Carlisle, we see this generous spirit of so many citizens who enrich our community by volunteering.

Recently the Carlisle Education Foundation hosted a magnificent dinner-dance auction. A committee worked for countless hours to plan the event, solicit donations, sell tickets and set up the function. The result was an enjoyable evening where approximately $70,000 was raised for the school. We thank the planners and the bidders for their generosity to the Carlisle Public School (CPS).

Next, the Carlisle School Association (CSA) has focused on supporting the day-to-day operations of the school — from volunteering on campus to selling gift-wrap. The CSA has raised money for cultural enrichment and teacher grants. Due to their efforts, the teachers were recently awarded over $18,000 in grants to support students in classrooms throughout the school.

In addition, we have dedicated members of the School Committee. Each representative not only has bi-weekly meetings during the school year for CPS, they must represent the school district on other committees such as CCHS School Committee, Long Term Capital Committee, Building Committee and more. Hours of work are spent outside of meetings, planning budgets, speaking to other elected officials and listening to community members.

Finally, the Building Committee deserves commendations for selfless work behind the scenes. Over the past several years, they have overseen the installation of a wastewater treatment plant, the purchase of new boilers and the completion of a master plan for a new building. In a very competitive market for Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) funds, their efforts have resulted in Carlisle making the first round of schools selected for potential funding from the MSBA.

It does "take a village to raise a child," and this small enclave, Carlisle, shows how citizens make a difference in our microcosm of society. On behalf of the staff and children, I say thank you to the many parents and community members who enrich our world at CPS: your efforts make a remarkable difference.

Marie H. Doyle
Superintendent, Carlisle Public School

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