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Friday, December 14, 2007


Field hockey team members are (top row, left to right) Coach Heigl, Katherine Melvin, Abby Samargya, Emma Frodigh, Hannah Merry, Marin Epstein, Julie Ursch, Lindsey Verrill, Teresa Ventura, Colleen Laughlin, Caroline St. Francis, Lily Jewell, Caroline Hassara. Bottom row, left to right, Margot Semonite, Caroline Means, Jacqueline Gray, Amanda Fabrizio, Samantha Blue, Caroline Guild, Sarah Williams, Melanie MacMullan, Alana Rhodin. Missing are Camille Galejs and Haley Proctor. (Courtesy photo)

Carlisle Middle School fall sports round-up Field hockey

Carlisle's Middle School varsity field hockey team enjoyed a successful season reflecting an enormous amount of growth for each individual player and therefore also as a team. Dedication, hard work, a positive "can-do" attitude, perseverance and a lot of enthusiasm inspired an outstanding finish.

The team began the season with a great accomplishment: a tie with Acton Junior High School, a traditional powerhouse, giving us the confidence we'd need for the next several games. Our team went on to tie three more games and we won our last game of the season. Most of the teams we struggled with indicated that Carlisle provided them with the most competition of their season. The majority of our losses were very close games right down to the wire.

With 22 girls playing this year we had plenty of energy and depth to draw from. Our team consisted of ten eighth graders, ten seventh- and one sixth-grade players. We were fortunate to have eighth-grader Caroline Hassara, and seventh-graders Katherine Melvin, Alana Rhodin and Caroline St. Francis as new players this year. These girls, along with sixth-grader Caroline Means, were quick to learn the rules of the game and demonstrated enormous improvement throughout the season. You would never know they were first-year players.

Veteran eighth-grade players scoring for us this season were Marin Epstein, Julie Ursch, Sarah Williams and Caroline Guild. Marin and Caroline wore our opponents down with constant pressure as midfielders. Their strength, skill and vision provided our forwards with plenty of offensive opportunities.

There was plenty of versatility within our team, especially so with our goalies. Teresa Ventura, Lily Jewell and Samantha Blue displayed offensive talent as well as in the goal. Their outstanding ability to see the field and direct the defensive positioning, making spectacular saves, allowed us to remain serious competitors in all of our games. They were supported by the skilled stick work and aggressiveness of our defense: Amanda Fabrizio, Emma Frodigh, Hannah Merry, Camille Galejs and Colleen Laughlin.

As sweepers, Lindsey Verrill and Jacqueline Gray showed their skill, reliability and composure on the field during every game. They were expert at blocking the opponents' offensive moves by sending the ball up the sides to spirited and intense players Abby Samargya, Melanie MacMullan, and Margot Semonite.

We would not have been as successful without Haley Proctor, our team manager, who performed many important organizational tasks and motivated and cheered the team on during practices and games. We all wish the future high school players well, and we look forward to the return of the remaining players next season. Thank you for a wonderful season.

The boys soccer team celebrates its memorable season. (Courtesy photo)

Boys soccer

The Carlisle boys soccer team finished a tough season strong and looks forward to rebounding next year. While the young Huskies started the season on the wrong foot, they finished with back-to-back wins.

It was pretty clear from the beginning that these boys just loved soccer and the score really didn't matter to them. It was a very young team with only eight eighth graders. That bodes well for next year as we will have 17 boys returning and plan to make a run at the league title.

Carlisle says good-bye to captains Alex Doig and Jack Ehlenbach after three dedicated years on the field. We also see eighth graders Gibson Holland, Alex Horvath, Colin Piette, Brendan Nunan, Derrick Amodei and Brendan Canavan head on to the high school next year. The success of this season was not measured by wins, but by the amount of fun these student athletes had. This was another memorable season for the Carlisle boys soccer team.

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