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Friday, December 7, 2007


Information Technology advances at CCHS

Director of Information Technology (IT), Gene Warfel, gave an overview of IT projects at the Concord-Carlisle Regional High School (CCHS) during the November 27 meeting of the Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee (RSC).

· E-mail server. Warfel said that one achievement has been getting a dedicated computer, or server, to manage an updated e-mail system. All CCHS students and teachers now have an account and e-mail address, making it easy for teachers to send mail to their students and vice versa. The system will also archive all e-mail messages on its four terabytes of storage.

· Student data. A second server was added in the X2 Student Information System, used for all aspects of student information, including Special Education Individual Education Plans (IEPs). In addition, five servers were added for the Active Directory system. These servers distribute file services for teachers and students.

· Digital imaging. The I-4 Lab where digital imaging is taught, now has a new VLAN switch which will help in network processing of the digital imaging files, which are often much larger than text files.

· Wireless network. The high school is in the middle of getting an updated, more flexible wireless system. The old network had a limited number of the dynamic addresses used by roaming laptops.

· Moodle. Warfel said the high school now has a Moodle course management system, a free Open Source software package designed to help educators create on-line learning communities. The modular design allows users to develop additional functionality. Moodle is used all over the world, which allows users to get ideas from many sources.

· Recording studio. Warfel is working with the Concord Education Foundation on a grant proposal to create a digital recording studio at the high school.

· Sharing ActivBoard ideas. ActivBoards are digital white boards used in classrooms at CCHS. They are also being usedthroughout the Concord Schools and in smaller numbers at the Carlisle School. Warfel said there are a number of extremely adept users who give courses to other teachers on how to use their ActivBoards in new ways. Over the summer, several Carlisle School teachers took those courses.

· Fiber optics. Warfel said, "One of the biggest accomplishments was getting fiber optic high-bandwidth connections within and between the schools. We have a very solid network now." He added that he couldn't have made progress without that network.

RSC member Becky Shannon exclaimed, "We've seen amazing changes over the last six years."

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