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Friday, December 7, 2007


Selectmen Shorts, November 27

· Church Street intersection. The Traffic Safety Group (TSG) would like to move forward with the design phase of the re-engineering of the corner at Church and Concord Streets. They hope to use Chapter 90 funds to extend the curb to force turning cars to slow down. Deb Belanger of the Pathways Committee suggested the two committees work together, "If we have an engineer already looking at that intersection it seems to make sense to include the pathway up Church Street." The Historical Commission will be approached for guidelines regarding pathways and curbing, but Town Administrator and TSG member Madonna McKenzie noted, "safety does trump everything."

· Resignations. Bob Koning submitted his resignation as building commissioner and electrical inspector effective January 1. Koning has served the community for 46 years. Tim Hult extended the BOS's gratitude for "many, many years service to the community. He will be missed at Town Hall."

Doug Stevenson noted David Duren has resigned from the Fire Department after 40 years, and this ends a family tradition, as there has been a Duren on the fire department since it was formed in 1927.

· Rail Trail. The 10% design phase of the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail is complete, reported McKenzie. Carlisle had allocated $20,000 toward this phase of which $17,500 was used. The $2,500 left will employ engineers Greenman-Pedersen, Inc. (GPI) to complete the application for a grant from the Transportation Enhancement Funding Program to cover the rest of the design. "Although Carlisle's part is small, it's more expensive than I ever thought it would be," McKenzie noted. The BOS voted to enter into an agreement with Acton and Westford in pursuing the grant and to employ GPI's services. The state has committed to building the trail once the design phase is complete.

· EMS. The selectmen are reviewing an emergency medical service (EMS) plan to be submitted to the Metropolitan Boston Emergency Medical Services Council. The plan was put together by Fire Chief David Flannery and Burt Rubenstein. The document covers equipment, capabilities, training, mutual aid and response times.

· Ferns license. Ferns' yearly application for a common victualler's license was approved through November 30, 2008. The store's license to sell alcohol was renewed and the license fee waived until Ferns resolves its septic issues.

· Highland. Several letters have been received from townspeople expressing interest in joining the Highland Building Study Group. The BOS set a goal of December 11 for putting the committee in place.

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