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Friday, December 7, 2007


ConsCom okays pathway plan

The Pedestrian and Bike Safety Advisory Committee (Pathways Committee) cleared final environmental hurdles at the Conservation Commission's (ConsCom) November 29 meeting. The required Department of Environmental Protection number had been received and, more importantly, it had not included any stumbling blocks to approval. The way was open for an okay from the local commission.

Pathways Committee members Deb Belanger and John Bakewell once more pulled out the maps and charts that showed the relatively few changes requested earlier by ConsCom members. The siltation fences and other barriers were in place and the contractor instructions designed to protect the wetlands that abut the four proposed pedestrian paths along Bedford Road and East, Concord and Lowell Streets were complete.

Commission members voted unanimously to close the public hearing and approve the application. However, the final Order of Conditions stated that no work can take place on a brief stretch of the Bedford Road path where it crosses Conservation Restriction property held by the private Carlisle Conservation Foundation, pending state approval and recording of an amendment to that document.

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