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Friday, December 7, 2007

WINTER WELCOME. An evergreen skirt and oak-leaf hair decorate a snowperson on Church Street, built by Anna Stringham, 10, after the season's first snowstorm this week. (Photo by Dave Ives)
Do you have an unusual livelihood? Many residents do. As Carlisle has evolved from a rural village into a 21st century upscale suburb, jobs have diversified tremendously. The town's annual census provides a glimpse at the occupations pursued by residents today and the information is published in the booklet, "Town of Carlisle, January 1, 2007, ...more>

Carlisle Finance Committee (FinCom) Chair Dave Model is concerned. A decade of ever-increasing town budgets fueled by real estate growth is ending, and unless new revenue sources magically appear or taxpayers agree to pay much more, services will have to be downsized. Over the next few years, the burden on town leaders to make the right choices will be heavy. ...more

The Pedestrian and Bike Safety Advisory Committee (Pathways Committee) cleared final environmental hurdles at the Conservation Commission's (ConsCom) November 29 meeting. The required Department of Environmental Protection number had been received and, more importantly, it had not included any stumbling blocks to approval. The way was open for an okay from ...more
Nancy Pierce (left) and Darlene D'Amour get a head-start on wrapping their holiday books in the Mosquito office. (Photo by Ellen Miller)

Mosquito staff suggests books for gift-giving

If you are a book lover, there is nothing more thrilling than holding a brightly wrapped gift book in your hands. You know by its feel that it couldn't be a tie or a fruit basket or a scarf, and the act of unwrapping it to see just what you've been given is part of the fun. And there it is — that book you've been meaning to buy and didn't! You admire ...more


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