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Friday, December 7, 2007


Holiday tips to simplify your life

Decorating, wrapping, entertaining, cards

· Use pre-lit trees and other decorations outdoors and forget about stringing lights.

· Or go "green" for Christmas and put up fewer lights this year.

· Try to wrap gifts as you buy them instead of at the last minute.

· If you're hosting parties or meals, try to spread out the cooking over time. Make one dish a day and freeze it.

· Tie ribbons or make decorations while you're watching television.

· Don't send Christmas cards this year if it is a chore.

· If you do send cards, try using computer address labels.

· If you receive unwanted catalogues, call to have your name removed from the list.

· When putting out decorations, get rid of things you no longer use to free up space.

Using the Internet

· Order gifts online. You can shop at any hour, night or day, whenever you have time, and many online stores have free shipping.

· Save steps and gas by shopping locally and online.

· Send electronic holiday cards.

· Send electronic checks for year-end donations with your bank's online service.

Giving gifts

· In a large family draw one name and buy a gift only for that person.

· In a club or group each person can buy one small gift and have a gift swap.

· If you find a good gift, buy duplicates to give to several people.

· Print gift certificates for activities within the next year. Take children to a museum, movie, favorite restaurant, bowling, or to Boston by train. Make a dinner for family or friends. You don't have to shop and the activity can be any time after the holidays.

· Send a gift to a favorite charity in the name of a child or friend.

Finding Peace

· Remember the true meaning of the season and do something for someone else. Visit or call an elderly relative or friend. Donate to a food or toy drive.

· Choose a few holiday activities you really enjoy and skip others this year.

· If you start to feel anxious or overloaded, stop. Go outside for 15 minutes and take a walk or run, call a friend on the phone, or meet for coffee.

· Sit and read for a half hour.

· Take a nap.

· Nobody is going to sit in judgment if you've made one less batch of cookies or you decided not to decorate the front hall this year.

Enjoy the holidays!

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