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Friday, November 30, 2007


Planning Board examines Hanover Hill traffic impact

At the November 26 meeting of the Carlisle Planning Board, George Dimakarakos (Stamski & McNary), supported by traffic consultant David Friend (Transportation Planning Services), discussed the Definitive Subdivision Plan for the proposed 35-lot subdivision off Route 225. The plan shows one subdivision road (Hanover Road) entering Westford Street at the Cross Street intersection and the other (Johnson Road) entering Westford Street near the house lot at 546 Westford Street. These locations would require waivers from the Planning Board for permitted grade at the road cuts onto Route 225. Specific attention was given to a traffic impact analysis prepared by Friend and to "sight line improvements" that could be affected by selective clearing of one large stump and of brush within the road right-of-way.

Friend projected that Hanover Hill will add 396 vehicle trips per day with 34 at the morning peak hour and 42 at the evening peak hour. The traffic report, available for review at the Planning Board office and includes data acquired on Wednesday, January 10, and Thursday, January 11. The average daily vehicle count on Westford Street was 7,350 with approximately 12% occurring at a peak a.m. hour and 11% at a peak p.m. hour. Estimates are given for additional peak-hour traffic anticipated due to the Cross Street Greystone Crossing 22-lot development — 23 in the morning and 25 in the evening. Estimates are given for additional peak-hour traffic anticipated due to the Coventry Woods 40-B development on Concord Road — 26 in the a.m. and 29 in the p.m.

Traffic volume was measured on Cross Street on Wednesday, May 2, and Thursday, May 3. The average daily vehicle count was 817 with approximately 11% occurring during the a.m. peak hour and 11% during the p.m. peak hour. Dimakarakos said that since no access will be provided to the subdivision at the location of the present driveway opposite Acton Street, Acton Street was not included in the traffic study.

Associate member David Freedman made the observation that traffic on Westford Street will be impacted by school bus stops, particularly before the subdivision roads are accepted at Town Meeting. The public hearing will be continued on December 10.

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