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Friday, November 30, 2007

Another view of The Laramie Project

To the Editor,

As I was reading the mail section of the Mosquito, I saw a letter to which I had to respond. That letter, addressing the Laramie Project play material, was fraught with paranoia and intolerance.

The writer stated that the play contained "raw language" and "violence" — both of which are found in every network TV station's prime time offerings. If the writer wants to see and hear things that are truly disturbing, I suggest they check their children's iPods, Game Boys, X-boxes, online video games, etc. as well as viewing their children's My Space and Face Book pages.

On the issue of "anti-Christian insinuations as tools for promoting fear and hatred of traditional Christians," I hate to say it, but traditional Christianity does not have a very good track record when it comes to tolerance. We all know the history of Christianity's various attempts to forcibly convert people. It seems interesting that this same belief structure cries wolf every time it perceives that someone is using one of its own tactics against it.

The program "Exposing Homosexual Propaganda in the Schools" sounds like something shown on TV in the 1950s, propaganda designed to frighten and inflame people. The writer also relayed an "invitation" by Mr. John Russo to debate anyone who objects to the content of that show. The phrasing of the invitation doesn't bode well — he is seeking a "pro-homosexualist with a spine" to debate the issues in a "civil, respectful manner." Somehow, I don't see the first leading to the second — perhaps if his phrasing of the invitation had been more "civil and respectful," we "pro-homosexualists" might be willing to talk to Mr. Russo.

All in all, it is obvious to this reader that the writer of that letter could use some exposure to the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) community. We are as diverse as any group of people — married, single, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, black, white, rich, poor, we've got it all. Given the widely accepted statistic that approximately 10% of the population is GLBT, the writer should have no problem finding someone to talk to.

Name withheld upon request

Thanks from COA Outreach Coordinator

To the Editor:

Thanksgiving is a time to give "thanks" for all we have, and I would like to give thanks for the many, many volunteers (too numerous to mention) who so generously gave of their time and talents to ensure that 90+ seniors could enjoy a wonderful Council on Aging (COA) "Thanksgiving" dinner at the First Religious Society on November 15. There were the many volunteers (headed by the COA Chair, Verna Gilbert) who coordinated, set up, registered attendees, picked up and served the terrific turkey dinner, cleaned up and helped with the festivities. I can't forget to thank Alice Hardy who made the lovely centerpieces and Joanne Willens and Sandy McIlhenny who coordinated the raffle, Kathy Mull, COA Director, for making the lovely baskets, the Carlisle COA Line Dancers and Santo Pullara who provided the lively entertainment. Most of all, I'd like to thank Brownie Troops 2663 and 2639, led by Peg Gladstone, Judy Hoffman, Lynda Simonton and Diana Kolstead, who provided more than 90 favors (enough for each senior to take one home!).

Finally, I would also like to acknowledge the men and women of all ages who support the COA every day of the year by delivering Meals on Wheels, driving seniors to medical appointments, acting as a companion for an appointment, being a friendly visitor and much more. And although I'm ever so thankful for all the support we receive, it never exceeds our growing needs. If you can give an hour a month or have a special talent that we might call upon (maybe we would only contact you once a year), please call me at the COA (1-978-371-2895) to learn more about being a volunteer. I know that what you do for others will make you feel warm and wonderful and you will be happy that you decided to help our seniors.

With much thanks and appreciation for all those in Carlisle who make this such a wonderful community to live in.

Angela Smith
Carlisle COA Outreach Coordinator

Thanks for many years of service and care

To the Editor:

On behalf of the entire Recreation Commission and for me personally, I want to thank both Cindy Nock and Jan Deyoe for their many years of service to the citizens of Carlisle. Both Jan and Cindy have worked at the Recreation Department for many years and it will feel strange for folks to walk into our offices at Town Hall and not see their smiling faces. They will certainly be missed and the work and dedication they displayed for so many years is deeply appreciated. The Recreation Department is healthy and vibrant and well-positioned to continue to service the needs of the community. They have demonstrated well what it means to be active and involved in their community.

Allen Deary
Recreation Commission

Thanks from Concord Education Fund

To the Editor:

We wish to thank the many generous and fun-loving supporters who made the Concord Education Fund's Schoolhouse Rocks — Rally for Our Schools event a tremendous success on Saturday. The event raised more than $50,000 — a large portion of which will benefit Concord-Carlisle Regional High School. And, as importantly, it created an opportunity to showcase the impact CEF grants continue to have on "the lives and the learning of our children," as noted by Superintendent, Dr. Brenda Finn, in a special video created for the evening.

We were honored and privileged to have Carol Dromgoole, co-founder of the CEF in 1993 and Ann Marie Connolley, the first CEF president, in 1994, share the evening with us. Additionally, many individuals, businesses and organizations donated items to the elegant silent auction. We are indebted to them for their generosity and commitment to quality public education.

This first-time event would not have been possible without the tireless, enthusiastic and creative efforts of Louis Salemy. We also are grateful to the entire CEF Board for delivering on all the details and exceeding our expectations. Each year, the CEF raises funds, awards grants and makes special gifts to Concord-Carlisle High School and the Concord Public Schools. For more information, please visit our web site, All donations are tax-deductible so please keep us in mind during Annual Appeal.

Thank you again and have a wonderful holiday.

Jennifer Munn, CEF Co-President
Barbara Southcote, CEF Co-President

A belated Halloween

trick or treat

To the Editor:

I wish I could thank the clever little (or big) trick or treater who left a spooky calling card in my garden bed. As I was raking some damp leaves from around my front bushes this past weekend, two foil wrapped chocolate eyeballs appeared in the mulch. My immediate start quickly changed to great amusement, but a delicious chill lingered as those blood-shot orbs stared back at me. Very cool!

Barbara Lewis
East Riding Drive

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