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Friday, November 23, 2007


There's a treasure at the Gleason Public Library. In the reference section on the bottom shelf of the second row is Houses and Families of Carlisle, 25 volumes of the history of Carlisle's oldest homes and families, with 495 photos, genealogical charts, newspaper clippings, maps and poems. The author is Martha Fifield Wilkins, who lived in Carlisle ...more

How did the town of Carlisle become the home of the largest collection of Gettysburg Battle artifacts outside of Pennsylvania? And where is the collection now? ...more

Chess club and dance team are the stuff that after-school dreams are made of, and have long been just a few of the standards in extra-curricular activities. It won't be much longer, then, until we see Wiccas Without Walls or a Satan's Daughters being added to the line-up. This may sound crazy, but under the Equal Access Act that covers public schools, if one ...more

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