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Friday, November 23, 2007


Public asked to submit Benfield design criteria

[Ed note: Last week the Housing Authority sent this letter to 19 abutters to the Benfield property on South Street, and are sharing it to encourage input from the wider community.]

Dear Town of Carlisle Benfield Land Abutters:

At their October 25 meeting, the Carlisle Housing Authority invited the Benfield abutters as well as the community at large, to submit: comments, recom-mendations, architectural design and elements, landscaping ideas, photographs, other input, etc., on the proposed Benfield Senior Rental Affordable Housing development (26 units), to be developed on the Town of Carlisle Benfield land on South Street. The purpose of this letter is to reiterate this invitation to the abutters. We ask that input be received no later than the December 13, Housing Authority meeting.

If possible, as requested at the October 25 meeting, it would be extremely valuable to the Housing Authority if you would consider using an "evaluative criteria" process when submitting your proposed list of requests. This method allows the Housing Authority to understand what issues are of key importance to you as an abutter. Often times the distance between the first item on a list, e.g. landscaping screening of the development, will have higher value than a proposed development's distance from the road or the type of siding materials used. Assuming that you have a total of 100 points to work with altogether, and a list of ten to 20 key concerns — please distribute all 100 points, rewarding the most points to your most valued items and fewer points to less important items on the attached sheet. Abutters may do this on their own and/or in groups or both. Attached is a sample Evaluative Criteria Template, which you can submit if convenient. When you have finished there please send/drop them off at Carlisle Town Hall.

Finally, the Carlisle Housing Authority wants you to know that you do not have to submit your input in this way if you do not want to. Any input: verbal, written, electronic, by telephone (a log is being kept), etc. from the abutters, will be deeply appreciated and valued. If you are interested in providing "evaluative criteria," but not sure of the process - Elizabeth D. Barnett, the Administrative Coordinator at 1-978-371-6694/ will answer questions/walk you through the steps.

We will very much look forward to receiving your input. We also thank you in advance for the time and thought you share with us in this request.

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