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Friday, November 23, 2007

Class of 2002 to celebrate fifth reunion

To the Editor:

The CCHS class of 2002 is celebrating its 5th-year reunion on Saturday, November 24. The event is being held at Trinity, 61 Chatham Street, Boston from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m. All members of the class are still welcome to attend even if they haven't sent in the RSVP. Admission cost will be $20 at the door. Any questions can be sent to

We're excited to see you all soon.

Brian Walsh
Class Government
Concord-Carlisle Class of 2002

Brazz Tree shakes up Union Hall Coffeehouse

To the Editor:

Saturday night we showcased a duo by the name of BRAZZ TREE from NYC, that literally blew the socks off everyone who came through the door. Totally unexpected! BRAZZ TREE is Mazz Swift: vocals and violin, and Brad Hammonds: 6/12 string acoustic guitars. Simply put, our world music and dance coffeehouse will never be the same.

As the evening galloped on, everyone was wondering why such talented, incredibly innovative, mind-blowing, super consciousness-raising artists from The Big Apple would even bother stopping in a tiny town like Carlisle. "They should be gracing the stage at Carnegie Hall, where they undoubtedly belong," I heard somebody say. The truth is, I know what I'm doing. I heard their music, went online to check them out, loved their sound, their story, and their stage presence, shot them out an e-mail, begging them to drive five long hours to perform for us at Union Hall Coffeehouse in The First Religious Society, then sat with my fingers and toes crossed, waiting for an answer. I didn't have to wait long. In a one-line e-mail, they said, "Yes, we'd be delighted!" (and to boot, they're the nicest people on the face of the earth!)

There are folk music coffeehouses, and other performing arts venues surrounding Carlisle, but even though I love folk music, I refused to hitch myself to the total Folk Band Wagon, because I love all kinds of music, and this world is just bursting at the seams with unknown music giants scrambling up their own beanstalk, just trying to be seen and heard. That's who I'm looking for.

Brazz Tree bills themselves as a band that blends traditional music from all corners of the world into one, new sound. Now, here's where the word "Traditional" as it is commonly understood, stops! There isn't a single thing traditional about them. Mazz Swift's voice is so powerful, controlled and focused that she'll start ripping out your soul, and gently putting it back, before you even know which way the wind is blowing. (As I glanced around the room I took note of all the dropped jaws!)

Brad Hammonds undoubtedly has the fastest fingers in the East. I have never seen fingers fly up and down, over and out the neck of a guitar at this sort of break-neck speed. The crowd went nuts.

It's only a matter of time for these two. Before you know it, they'll get to the top of that beanstalk, and all the world will be at their feet, and I, for one, will be down in the crowd, inhaling their music like a blast of fresh air. To simply hear them gives you goosebumps. To see them perform live can nearly make you bleed. Now, that's passion, my friends. That's passion.

Thank you Carlisle, for making them feel so welcome.

(P.S. They drove the five hours back to Manhattan right after the concert!)

Dian Francesca Cuccinello
Producer, Union Hall Coffeehouse

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