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Friday, November 16, 2007


Being in America for many years now, I have learned to appreciate a variety of culinary flavors. However, when it comes to cooking for special occasions with families and friends, it's important to me to have chopped a few onions, minced a lot of ginger and sprinkled a few Indian spices to get a sense of accomplishment. In addition, the aroma that lingers ...more

As the Concord-Carlisle football team takes the field for a frigid Friday night home game, another team has already made its way into the damp and cold aluminum stands. In the freezing cold, their leader is poised as the football team begins to enter the gates onto the field. With a few claps and the drop of his arm, Mr. Al Dentino starts his team with the ...more

In a year of normal rainfall there are very few fresh fungal fruitings timed to enhance the Thanksgiving dinner. This year my expectations were lower than usual and so my heart leapt up when I beheld a cluster of late fall oysters on a log along the Acorn trail in Great Brook Farm State Park last Friday. One day later, on November 10, I found another cluster ...more

If there was one certainty in my life, it was the fact that our NStar electric bill would always be using close to $300 monthly. I just could not accept the fact that we could be that much electricity every month. I was in denial and wondered if this energy dissipation could be related to a meter issue or faulty wiring. ...more

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