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Friday, November 16, 2007


CSA donates $17,758 to the Carlisle Public School

At the November 7 School Committee meeting (CSC) Superintendent Marie Doyle announced that the Carlisle School Association (CSA) has donated $17,758 in grants to the school. The 17 grants to teachers and staff members range in size from $99 to $5,700. CSA President Holly Salemy explained via e-mail that the grants were voted at the last CSA meeting, and added, "We will hopefully be holding another cycle of grants in the spring."

Normally the CSA has two grant cycles. Last year the CSA granted the school over $13,000 in the fall. However, Salemy said that last spring the CSA did not follow its usual grant process for two reasons. First, the CSA donated approximately $7,000 to cover leftover Top 200 Billboard Requests from the spring CSA fundraiser dinner dance and second, she said, "We thought we would have to donate a large sum of money to help improve the school [computer] network." The school's technology committee was able to reconfigure the network to accept additional computers, so the funds were not needed and could be used this fall.

In addition to the teacher/staff grants, the CSA donates approximately $10,000 a year on curriculum enrichment support. In years past all enrichment activities were funded by the school, but after the severe override failure in 1990 the CSA took on the support of this program.

No funds for focus groups

At the CSC meeting School Committee member Dale Ryder explained that the CSA unanimously declined to fund the $2,600 needed for the facilitator-run parent focus groups. "They did not feel that was part of the mission of the CSA," she explained.

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