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Friday, November 16, 2007


Eighth grade trip heads to New York City

At the November 7 Carlisle School Committee meeting, eighth-grade social studies teacher Michael Miller presented options for the 2008 eighth-grade overnight trip. Each year the teachers and one nurse have traveled with the eighth-grade class to various destinations. For several years the class took a three- day trip to Quebec, traveling for eight hours by bus. But after Spanish was added to the curriculum the destination was changed in 2000 to New York City. After 9/11/2001 the trip was changed to coastal Maine. From 2004 to 2007 the students have traveled to western Massachusetts, visiting various museums and nature sanctuaries, ending the trip with a half- or full-day visit to Six Flags. The trip is wholly funded by eighth-grade parents but parents are not used as chaperones.

Three options

Miller said that teachers, who receive no compensation for the trip, feel the trip is an opportunity for the students and teachers to "interact as a group one last time."

He described three trip choices:

· the same trip as last year (a hike up Mt. Monadnock, dinner, and a game show in the evening and Six Flags, New England the next day)

· similar to the first option but the second day would be a visit to the Shaker Village and the Norman Rockwell Museum

· a trip to New York City, with a visit to the Museum of Natural History and Central Park, a Broadway show or a dinner/dance in the evening, and other activities

The cost for the first two would be approximately $350 and the third would be $375.

Value discussed

School Committee members Michael Fitzgerald, Nicole Burkel and Dale Ryder stated their disapproval of a trip that was not tied to the curriculum. "Part of our mission is to be sure our students are adjusted socially, educationally, and culturally," said Carlisle Superintendent Marie Doyle. "Education comes in a variety of forms," she added. She said the New York City and the Rockwell trip would fulfill the committee's desire to blend educational and cultural experiences. Committee member Chad Koski said he would like to see the eighth-grade trip continue, and could support a variety of formats.

Miller asked the School Committee to vote on each option. Before they voted, Burkel said she wanted to go on record as not supporting any of the trips. The trip with Six Flags failed with four opposed and Koski voting in favor. The Rockwell trip also failed, with Burkel, Fitzgerald and Sykes voting no. The New York City trip passed with four in favor and Burkel voting no.

The school's policy on out-of-state and overnight trips can be found online at:

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