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Friday, November 16, 2007


Shorts from the BOS, Nov.13

· Caroline Hill Scholarship Fund Award. At the request of Carlisle School Superintendent Marie Doyle, $1,000 was awarded to a Carlisle student who Doyle identified as in need of financial support for medical bills, clothing needs and also for Christmas gifts.

· Citizen on-air call-in? Selectman Bill Tice introduced the idea of taking calls from townspeople watching the meeting at home or on the road. Tice suggested taking on-air calls during the "public comment" segment of the meeting in the spirit of reaching out in a broader way to the community at-large.Several factors would need to be investigated, but the suggestion was met favorably by the other board members.

· Ferns liquor license. Although it was noted that the store has not yet begun to sell liquor, the license will be up for renewal by the time of the next Selectmen's meeting on November 27.

· Resignation. The Selectmen accepted the resignation of Nancy Szczesniak from the Carlisle Pedestrian and Bike Safety Advisory Committee and expressed gratitude for her service to the town.

· Appointment. Allen Deary as the recreation commission liaison to the Community Preservation Committee for a term of one year.

· Cemetery deed. The Selectmen approved the transfer of an existing deed to a family in Acton.

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