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Friday, November 16, 2007


Shorts from the Board of Health, November 13

· 221 Cross Street. The board discussed the application for a license from Cecile Carr to operate a massage therapy business out of her home. They agreed to check all three of the applicant's references, ask her to appear before the board, and conduct an inspection of her facilities. This inspection would be at the applicant's expense and, if the license is granted, would be repeated annually as part of the process of license renewal. · 26 Westford Street. Chair Jeffrey Brem opened a public hearing, continuing the discussion of a proposed building project and replacement septic system. David Schofield of Schofield Engineering presented a plan that sites the septic system for this project at 83.3 feet from the well and with a granted variance 14 feet from wetlands.

From the audience, George Senkler asked a question about whether the plan for runoff was sufficient. After discussion, the board did not accept Schofield's plan and asked him to consult with the Conservation Commission (ConsCom). The BOH recommended that the septic system be sited 90 feet from the well, closed the public hearing and requested that he return to them with a revised plan that accommodates the board's recommendations.

· 887 Bedford Road. The board had conducted lead tests at the Wee Folk business site. Lead tests scored slightly over recommended action levels, but the board found nothing significant enough for any action to be taken.

· FY09 budget. A review of the board's FY09 budget resulted in the recommendation to raise the nursing care backup line item by $400, funding the increase by a reduction in office supplies and possibly other line items.

· Sewage Disposal Regs. A continued discussion of Carlisle's Supplementary Sewage Disposal Regulations was lengthy and inconclusive, without agreement on specific issues, such as large septic systems, variances on setbacks from wells and wetlands, and permissible gallons of flow.

The ConsCom has not yet responded to the Board of Health's request for coordination on these issues, and the board would like input from the ConsCom by January so they may start the public hearing process on regulation changes.

The changes do not have to be approved by Town Meeting, but upon consideration of the information gleaned from a public hearing, the Board of Health may amend the regulations.

The board listened to a recommendation by Brem to require that the ConsCom approve all testing, that alternative technology be used for any change to existing septic systems, and that an alternative analysis be presented to explain why a particular location for a proposed system would be the best. Risso suggested coming to a consensus on permissible gallons of flow, where the board is nearer to agreement than on other large issues. Brem charged board members to continue research on the issues and to come to the December 11 board meeting prepared to agree on an amendment to the permissible flow issue, and then tackle the other issues. The board agreed to this plan.

· Resignation. Mary DeAlderete is resigning from her post as administrative assistant as of November 30. The board voted to authorize Bill Risso to hire a temporary replacement until such time as a permanent one can be found.

· Social Worker. The board voted to offer Peter Cullinane the position of Social Worker as a special town employee.

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