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Friday, November 16, 2007


Police help recover stolen jewelry

When Carlisle Police requested a warrant for the arrest of an 18-year-old Tyngsboro man wanted for the theft of jewelry valued at about $11,000 from a Martin Street residence last Friday, they discovered there were already five warrants out for the same person from other communities, including Chelmsford, according to Police Chief John Sullivan.

Detective Andy Booth of the Carlisle Police said the theft was reported on November 6 by a resident who went to her jewelry box and found it empty. Booth contacted Chelmsford Police about possible housebreaks, since Martin Street is near the Chelmsford line. Chelmsford had not only had some burglaries, but they had also recovered stolen material at a pawn shop in Lowell. Booth went to the same pawn shop and found items that corresponded to pieces described when the Martin Street theft was reported. The next day, November 7, Booth took the owner of the jewelry to Lowell. She identified most of the missing pieces at the same pawn shop and Booth told the Mosquito on Monday that "at least 80 of the missing items were recovered."

While the owner has the jewelry, the police of several communities do not yet have their man. However, they do know who they are looking for, there are a lot of them looking and Sullivan is confident he will be located.

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