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Friday, November 16, 2007

Sox comments were right on the mark

To the Editor:

In response to "A Sox fan's dilemma" (November 9): Gene, you are right on so many levels. From perpetual patsies to putative powerhouse in four years? Us? Break me a give here while I pop the top off a Sam Adams and try to get my mind around this. We are not a dynasty. The Yankees are a dynasty, damn it! They're the arrogant Romans; we're the valiant but doomed Jewish warriors atop Masada. They're the smirking Persians at Thermopylae; we're the valiant but doomed 300 Spartan heroes. They're the . . . well, you get the idea.

Trying to explain to a visitor from Florida in early '05 our reaction to winning the '04 Series, I said, "It was great that we won, everybody was happy, but you know what? The high point of the season wasn't winning the World Series, it was beating those Yankees in the playoffs." And I must admit that I used an extremely vulgar adjective to describe the New York team.

The other day I got a plaintive e-mail from my niece in Washington state, an avid Red Sox fan. She wrote: "Please promise me you won't sign A-Rod." What could I say — that we can't afford him? That's obviously not true. And then I was temporarily lost to the Dark Side and I thought, "Starting lineup: Manny, Big Papi and A-Rod? Hmmm."

And your comments on the Patriots are spot-on too. Tom Brady has been on the cover of every magazine except Podiatry Today, and he's dating the world's highest paid supermodel who, according to the tabloids (from which I get all my news apart from the Mosquito), had demanded that her modeling fees be paid in Euros instead of dollars. Am I still living in New England, the land of Jonathan Edwards, rock-infested fields and mud season?

Well, Gene, all I can say is, don't lose heart. Things will go bad, probably sooner than later, and we'll once again be able to say, loud and proud, "Wait till next year!"

Roger Goulet
Westford Stree

Another view of The Laramie Project

To the Editor:

The Laramie Project play at Acton-Boxborough Regional High School (ABRHS) has generated much controversy over the issue of public schools normalizing homosexuality in the minds of students, and demonizing anyone critical of homosexual practices.

Last month, a group of concerned citizens held a community forum on this controversial play, entitled "Exposing Homosexual Propaganda in the Schools." Part 1 will be shown on CCTV channel 8, on Wednesday, November 14, at 11 p.m., and Part 2 will be on Thursday, November 15, at 11 p.m. The program will be shown in its entirety on Friday, November 23, at 10 p.m. Due to the play's raw language and topics pertaining to the medical realities of homosexual sex, the latter presented by a physician, this program has been scheduled for late evening viewing.

While ABRHS administrators claimed The Laramie Project promotes safety and tolerance, others see its raw language, violence and anti-Christian insinuations as tools for promoting fear and hatred of traditional Christians. After viewing this program on CCTV, anyone who objects to its content is invited to debate one of the speakers, Mr. John Russo, former Reading School Committee member. He wants any pro-homosexualist "with a spine" to kindly appear on his cable TV show to debate issues in a civil, respectful manner.

"Exposing Homosexual Propaganda in the Schools" not only pertains to Acton and Boxborough, but also Concord. Parents and high school students are invited to learn what homosexual activists within our public schools do not want the public to know. In a related story, go to This is a story about the cruel exploitation of a special-needs student at Acton-Boxborough High School by homosexual activists for explicit political purposes.

Sally J. Naumann
Lowell Street

Some recommendations for Wilkins Hill

To the Editor:

I have reviewed the plans for the proposed Hanover Hill subdivision. From the point of view of an abutter, the plans show several desirable features. These include the absence of driveways opening on busy Westford Street and numerous walkways along the roads inside the development. However, one addition to the plans would be of significant benefit to abutters, and to future homeowners within the subdivision.

The Hanover Hill subdivision offers a unique opportunity to build a safe walkway paralleling Westford Street, one of the busiest roads in Carlisle. Ideally, such a walkway could extend about half a mile from Curve Street on the west to the proposed Johnson Road on the east. The pathway paralleling Cross Street, now under construction in the Greystone Crossing subdivision, is a good example of what may be possible along much of Westford Street in Hanover Hill. In wetlands, perhaps the pathway could be a boardwalk or simply a cleared trail.

I ask the Planning Board to consider this recommended change to the Hanover Hill plans and to urge Wilkins Hill Realty to include a Westford Street pathway in their subdivision.

David N. Keast
Westford Street

Thanks from Carlisle Farmers Marketers

To the Editor:

We would like to thank the entire Town of Carlisle for supporting the Carlisle Farmer's Market 2007 season. Without you, the market wouldn't exist!

Growers worked extremely hard to bring the best and freshest produce to market. Lack of rain hampered the growing, but certainly not the patronage.

Ending the season with the first townwide Flea Market was an exciting, successful, fun challenge. Even the winds helped in humoring the event!

Again, thank you, thank you!

Gale Constable and Annette Lee
Co-Market Managers

Thanks from CEF dance and auction planners

To the Editor:

The Carlisle Education Foundation's dinner dance and auction on November 2 at the Barn at Gibbet Hill exceeded all expectations! We raised $70,000 for the Carlisle Schools through proceeds from the silent, super silent and live auction items and are grateful to all of the parents and local community members for your enthusiasm and generosity. The board wishes to extend special thanks to the volunteers who worked tirelessly to make the evening unforgettable and to those individuals and families who donated unique items and services to benefit the event. We also wish to thank our superintendent, school administration and faculty who continue to give their time and talents to support the vital work of the foundation. Thanks also to the staff at Gibbet Hill who provided a delicious dinner and the Love Dogs who got us out dancing till well after midnight!

If you were not able to attend the auction, and you would like to make a tax-deductable donation toward our technology fundraiser or to our general fund, send a check to the Carlisle Education Foundation, PO Box 734, Carlisle, MA 01741. (Don't forget to check whether your employer participates in a matching gift program.)

Plans are already underway for the 2008 auction more details to come in the next several months!

Laura Snowdon and Peg Gladstone,
Auction Co-Chairs
Bellows Hill Road and Curve Street

Big thanks from the Trails Committee

To the Editor:

The Carlisle Trails Committee would like to give a big thank you to all the volunteers who came out the last two weekends to help us build boardwalks. On Sunday, November 4, 16 volunteers built a 30-foot boardwalk on the trail to Bingham Road in the Towle Land. After a one-week delay for hurricane Noel, on Saturday, November 10, 20 volunteers built a 130-foot boardwalk in the Davis Corridor. The volunteers spanned a wide cross section of Carlisle and two Concordians: Carlisle middle school and CCHS students doing community service, Boy Scouts and their families, trail runners and hikers, young and old, faithful veterans of past projects, and welcome new faces. All spent a day in the woods, working hard for a common goal, turning an expanse of muddy trail into a solid boardwalk that will serve trail users for many years. We would like to thank Ron and Leslie Kmiec for volunteering the use of their property to move materials to the remote Towle Land site. We would like to give special thanks to Gary Davis and his DPW crew, who made the job infinitely easier by moving a huge pile of lumber and concrete to the Davis Corridor site. The committee would also like to thank the taxpayers and voters of Carlisle for providing the Community Preservation Act funds to buy the materials for the boardwalks. We hope you can get out and enjoy them!

Carlisle Trails Committee
Henry Cox, George Fardy, Louise Hara, Marc Lamere, Kevin Smith, Steve Tobin, Bert Willard

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