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Friday, November 9, 2007


Personnel Board proposes 3% salary increases, finalizes RecCom director salary

The Carlisle Personnel Board met with a full house this past Tuesday evening, October 30, with a substantial agenda. The board voted to recommend a 3% FY09 cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) for town employees, approved a starting salary level of $56,961 for the new post of full-time Recreation Director and proposed several clarifications to the town's Personnel Policies.

Town Administrator Madonna McKenzie explained that the cost-of-living, calculated by the Social Security Administration, will have a base increase of 2.3% in 2008 and an effective rate of about 2.5%. She also provided the board with data on various consumer price index (CPI) values for this part of Massachusetts, for the Northeast and for the entire United States.

The board discussed what would be an appropriate increase to approximate the local cost of living changes, and agreed on a 3% increase. Board member Doris Jafferian later noted that in order to retain employees, salaries must be kept competitive compared to other area towns.

The recommendation will be presented to the Selectmen on November 13.

Recreation Director post

RecCom Chair Allen Deary met with the Personnel Board on October 30 to finalize the compensation to be offered to Holly Hamilton, who has served as Recreation Director in Chelmsford for 14 years. Carlisle's new position falls within classification level eight. Town employees' salaries are divided into levels two through 12, depending on the position, employee education and experience.

Immediately following the Personnel Board meeting, Cindy Nock handed Deary her letter of resignation as Recreation Co-Director. She and Jan Deyoe have worked as part-time co-directors for several years.

McKenzie later verified that Hamilton has accepted the job and is expected to start work the week of November 19.

Personnel Policies

There are seven overall proposed changes to the Personnel Policies, last revised in June 2003, and McKenzie explained that most "are for clarification purposes." After questions and input from Tice and other townspeople, the board moved to submit the changes to the Selectmen.

New problem resolution plan

The modifications include a simplification to problem resolution (section 12) for employees appointed under authority of the Selectmen. As before, employees will be asked to discuss problems first with their department head. In the past, if the problem was not resolved at this stage, employees were then directed under section 12-2 to "refer the matter in writing to the appropriate appointing authority." The new policy would skip this step and instead send employees to the Personnel Board. Any problem that remains unresolved after this point may be appealed to the Selectmen.

Other revisions involved the calculation of paid personal time off (section 37) , vacations (section 23), sick time (section 24) and e-mail and internet (section 35) policies. Also, the revised policies state that elected officials who work less than 20 hours per week are ineligible for group insurance benefits (section 9).

Two vacancies

At the present time, the Personnel Board is looking to fill two voting-member positions. All interested town residents may apply at the Town Hall.

The next Personnel Board meeting is on the calendar for November 15. All residents of Carlisle are welcome to attend.

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