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Friday, November 2, 2007


Shorts from the Planning Board, October 29

· Request for Proposals for Personal Wireless Communications Facilities. Board member Brian Larson summarized progress of a subcommittee operating under direction of the Selectmen to develop a Request for Proposal (RFP) for town-wide personal wireless systems. Article 16 of the April 2007 Town Meeting authorized the Selectmen "to lease or otherwise dispose of all or portions of certain properties[for] construction and operation of a wireless CAM or DAS wireless system and facilities."

Eleven town-owned properties were listed in the Article. According to Larson, in addition to the town's right-of-way on roadways, only a few of the sites are suitable for further consideration: Banta-Davis near the sewage treatment facility, the DPW site (specifically a 16 foot x 50 foot area at the back of the transfer station), the Fire Department site near the existing wooden pole, a small area near the back parking lot at Town Hall, and an area on the Conant Land approximately 60 feet up Rockland Road and 60 feet from the road.

· Town Center pathways. Chair Michael Epstein opened the Scenic Roadway public hearing and asked for and received a vote to continue the hearing on October 30 when a joint meeting with the Board of Selectmen, Historic Commission, Tree Warden, Pathways Committee and Planning Board was scheduled. The topic is the proposed removal of certain trees to construct a footpath adjacent to roadways and also renovation and relocation of certain stone walls within the right-of-way.

· Maplewood Subdivision off Acton Street. Owner Robert Koning requested release of security and a Certificate of Completion for his five-lot subdivision. After discussion of a report from John Boardman of LandTech Consultants, the board's engineering consultant, on three previously open items, the board granted the request. Board member Greg Peterson recused himself from the discussion and vote. The three items were a missing section of curbing where a driveway cut was planned but later relocated, the slope of a straight section of the roadway and the fact that three of the five lots have not been developed.

Boardman's assessment was that the first two items could be regarded as "red-line" changes to the subdivision plan since he observed no adverse impact to function or drainage of the roadway. The board ruminated on the undeveloped lots: "Who would be responsible if damage was done to the roadway during construction of a house if the road was accepted by Town Meeting as a town way prior to such damage?" Speaking as the Town Building Inspector, Koning truncated the discussion: "The person who built the house is responsible."

· Public Hearing — Accessory Apartment.Michael and Bethany Richman requested a special permit under Section 5.6 of the Carlisle Zoning Bylaws to create an accessory apartment on Lot 3, Greystone Crossing off Cross Street. Board Administrator George Mansfield observed that the applicable bylaw limits the number of such special permits to 75 but that only 12 have been granted to date. The Richmans responded to questions of size of the apartment relative to the main house and setbacks from lot lines. On a unanimous vote, the board granted the permit.

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