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Friday, November 2, 2007


Shorts from the BOH, October 9

· 259 South Street. An emergency waiver was needed because the old well had run dry and the household was without water. The existing well was 65 feet from the septic leaching area. The well driller, Skillings and Sons, proposed a new well location 100 feet from the leaching area, but the setback only 17 feet from the front property line, rather than the 25 feet normally required. The board granted the emergency waiver.

· 36 Log Hill Road. Several waivers were granted for the replacement of a failed septic system due to wetlands lack of sufficient upland on the site. The well is also being replaced. Waivers were granted for the location of a septic tank and pump chamber 20 feet from wetlands, three-foot instead of four-foot separation of leaching bed from groundwater, system not designed for garbage grinder, and septic system component distance to well under 100 feet.

· Social worker hired. The board voted to hire Phoebe Durant Shen for a part-time social worker position that is funded by a grant through June, 2008.

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