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Friday, November 2, 2007


Shorts from the Board of Health, October 23

· Hanover Hill Subdivision. Reviewing the Definitive Plan for Hanover Hill, the board observed that septic system test pits for lots 11 and 12 are very close to storm-water retention areas. A recommendation will be made to the Planning Board to request new locations for these septic systems with additional testing to be provided.

· Supplemental Sewage Disposal Regulations. As part of an ongoing review of possible modifications to Carlisle's Supplemental Sewage Disposal Regulations, Chair Jeffrey Brem announced that he planned to discuss the topic at the next Conservation Coffee (Tuesday morning, November 13) at Town Hall.

· 613 School Street. A voluntary upgrade of the septic system to an Innovative Alternative (IA) system was approved. As described by engineer David Schofield, the system will include a 1,500 gallon two-chamber septic tank and a 1,000 gallon pumping chamber. Three rows in the leaching area will be pressure-dosed.

· 267 East Riding Drive. The builder Frank Sargent requested approval of reduced setback from the septic system for an addition. The present structure has the same footprint as the planned renovation but is on Lally columns. Noting that the addition involved no living space on the new lower level, the board approved an 8-1/2 foot relief from the present setback.

· Lot 3 Greystone Crossing — Accessory Apartment. The applicant William Costello has requested approval for a septic system redesign in order to accommodate an accessory apartment in addition to the present five-bedroom system design. Approval was given with the condition that the board's consulting engineer, Rob Frado, be present at the time that the planned swimming pool is staked. The concern is the proximity of the pool to the septic system site.

· Assurance Technology. The board voted to "sign off" on a request for a building permit to convert to office space portions of the Assurance Technology building on South Street that had previously been used as apartments. Although not a condition for its approval, the board requested that an engineering evaluation of the septic system be done within 12 months.

· 208 Baldwin Road. Installation of an infiltrator chamber leaching area system was approved for 208 Baldwin Road. [This is a prefabricated component system and is an alternative to the typical PVC pipe and gravel distribution system.]

· 26 Westford Street. After Chair Jeffrey Brem opened the public hearing, the board voted to table it to be continued on November 13.

· MRSA information. Multiple-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) is no longer occurring just in hospitals, but is showing up in other social settings, e.g. schools. The board has decided to be proactive on the topic and asked Linda Fantasia, the Board of Health Agent, to have BOH intern, Mary Kate Martelon, research the issue and prepare an article for possible submission to the Mosquito.

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