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Friday, November 2, 2007


Shorts from the ConsCom, October 25

· Greenough Barn shoot. Emerson College student and East Street resident Ben Phillippo received a go-ahead for use of the Greenough Barn and environs for a non-profit student film project. The written request revealed that the aspiring film maker has worked on nearly 40 school films, including one that he co-wrote and produced, which won the school's highest film honor this spring.

The shoot will take place over four days from November 8 to 11 and will use 20 to 30 actors and crew members. Following assurances that the crew would be properly supervised, that the vehicles used to transport materials and crew would stay off the dam, and that liability insurance would be provided, the commission issued a Land Use Permit.

· Koning Farm Road enforcement. The commission issued an Enforcement Order to Lemonias Development of Watertown demanding that all work stop on their lot at the end of Koning Farm Road. The developer was advised to appear at a public hearing to discuss remediation. Cited was a pile of non-compliant fill material consisting, in part, of asphalt, brick and concrete chunks, some of which measured 14 inches across, and half of which were in the wetland buffer zone. The legal size limit for such ABC Fill is six inches. Future remedial action must include removal of all illegal fill from the restricted zone and refreshing of all haybale siltation barriers. Finally, the owner must produce a Beneficial Use Determination from the state to validate future use of compliant ABC Fill.

· 216 River Road. Molly and William Tee received a nod for removal of a portion of an existing paved driveway and construction of a garage on the vacated location. The Notice of Intent included installation of a new portion of paved driveway with associated grading, all work to take place within the 100-foot buffer zone of a wetland. The Standard Order of Conditions added a provision that stockpiling of manure follow Board of Health requirements. The approval allows construction of the garage to proceed immediately, but the applicants will need to return for an Amended Order of Conditions before asphalt-bearing trucks can be permitted to travel or make repairs on a remaining section of the exiting driveway that passes within ten feet of the wetland itself.

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