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Friday, October 26, 2007


The First Religious Society Unitarian Universalist (FRS) of Carlisle celebrates its 250th birthday next year at a turning point. Having survived the retirement of long-time minister Dr. Eugene Widrick in 2001, and the recent departure of his replacement Reverend Tim Jensen, the church is under the temporary stewardship of Interim Minister Reverend Victor H. ...more

The latest recruit to the Carlisle Conservation Commission (ConsCom) brings environmental concern and solid expertise to a board that affects the activities of many townspeople. Brought up as an active participant in her family's Bush Gardens commercial greenhouse in Osterville, Massachusetts, Jenifer Bush later followed an ever-widening professional path ...more

Kindergarten ...more

Great Brook Farm State Park was the perfect setting for the Carlisle Invitational cross-country race Monday afternoon, as 700 middle school students ran a spectacular course that wound through corn and hay fields amid sunlit fall leaves. ...more

Halloween can be a heavy responsibility. Last year, I sent my three-year-old grandnephew Luke one of my favorite Halloween books, Jan Brett's Scary, Scary Halloween. It was the first Jan Brett work my children and I ever came across and the colorful, slightly spooky illustrations bewitched us into becoming lifelong fans. I wanted to pass this Halloween ...more

Previous Halloween topics have included Dead Man's Fingers, Witches Broom, Jack-o-Lantern, and Wolf's Milk Slime all of which have nice Halloweeny names but none of them would scare anyone. Spiders on the other hand, especially large hairy ones, are a different kettle of fish. But I'm happy to say they don't scare everyone. ...more

Park car. Bundle kids and self out. Wander around a little bit, pack everyone back into the car, drive another short distance, repeat. ...more

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