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Friday, October 26, 2007


Shorts from the Planning Board, October 22

Hanover Hill subdivision. Following a review of material previously submitted by the developer of the proposed 36 lot subdivision at 672 and 872 Westford Street, Steven Ventresca (Nitsch Engineering), the board's engineering consultant, gave the board his preliminary recommendations. He suggested a peer review of the traffic study presented by the developer. Further, he suggested engaging the developer's engineering firm Stamsky and McNary in a discussion of options for managing drainage on the site consistent with Low Impact Development (LID) techniques. [The Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs defines LID as "an approach to environmentally friendly land use planning. It includes a suite of landscaping and design techniques that attempt to maintain the natural, pre-developed ability of a site to manage rainfall. LID techniques capture water on site, filter it through vegetation, and let it soak into the ground where it can recharge the local water table rather than being lost as surface runoff."] The board authorized both recommendations and will continue the public hearing at 9 p.m. on November 26.

Sprint wireless facility application. Chairman Michael Epstein opened the public hearing for the application for special permit and site plan approval for a personal wireless communication facility to be located in the steeple of the First Religious Society at 27 School Street. Attorney Edward D. Pare, Jr. (Brown and Rudnick), representing Sprint Nextel Corp., presented changes incorporated since the initial material was submitted: Nextel has released its position within the steeple, one of the three outside air conditioner units has been eliminated and the GPS antennas that were to be mounted externally to the steeple will now be located high within the steeple. Detailed plans were presented on the location of cable runs within the steeple — these will be submitted to Bob Koning, Carlisle Building Inspector, for review.

Alan Cameron, representing the First Religious Society, said that there have been some preliminary discussions with another wireless carrier interested in the Nextel slot.

The public hearing will be continued at 8:15 p.m. on November 26.

Joint meeting on pathways. Epstein announced that a joint meeting is scheduled for October 30 with the Board of Selectmen, Historical Commission, Pathways Committee and Planning Board regarding the proposed footpaths in the Town Center.

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