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Friday, October 19, 2007


Shorts from the Conservation Commission, October 11

· 259 South Street. Following up on a September 27 Notice of Intent (NOI) for landscaping which had replaced an expired NOI and fulfilled the conditions of an August Enforcement Order from the commission, Eileen and Ronald Nardone's continued filing was approved. As required, the applicants had had the wetland boundaries confirmed by wetland scientist David Crossman, and had agreed to leave a space between the approved haybale line and the end of their newly installed lawn. A final item in the NOI called for a three- and-a-half-foot fence surrounding their property to contain and protect their small dog. That too was approved.

· Cross Street. An NOI for one of two lots opposite the Greystone Crossing development was filed by Suzanne and Jonathan Bohs. It requested approval for construction of a single family home, utilities, a driveway and associated grading. The driveway would extend from a common drive, which was approved last summer for the developer. The private segment involves a crossing over a seasonal stream with a culvert that needs to be replaced. Commissioners asked Stamski and McNary Engineer Ben Ewing for a construction sequence for the culvert. Otherwise, they had no problems with the specifications.

However, conditions were attached to the Standard Order requiring a plan for stockpiling of construction materials and a stipulation that the culvert be replaced at a time when no water was flowing in the intermittent stream.

· 156 Carriage Way. Engineer Ewing represented homeowner Hing Watt in a continuation of a hearing on his application for development of the final lot in the Carriage Way development off East Riding Drive. He presented an updated plan for a single- family home, septic system, well and grading. The Board of Health had asked for changes because of new Title 5 requirements. The lot, which commissioners described as "beautiful geology," contains an esker and a long line of impressive pine trees. It required a filing with the state's Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Act, and since it is listed within the habitat area of the threatened Blanding's Turtle, the commission's Order of Conditions included a requirement that all clearing be done between October 31 to May 1 when the reptiles are inactive.

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